27 August 2010

Friday 23rd August 1940: searchlight lit Nazi

Mild, very rough, cold N.wind, dull, some rain. From  midnight through the early hours a German plane or planes were hovering round trying to find objectives with the searchlights vainly trying to find them. By three o'clock bombs began to fall, so we got up and took cover in the shelter in the garden. Bombs fell all round but none near at hand. Anti-0aircraft guns fired and the red sparks of shells could be seen in the sky. Presently we saw a Nazi plane brilliantly illuminated in the searchlights but it was not fired at. I hope it did not get away. By 4 o'clock the all clear sounded as so back to bed again. Walk on Common in evening saw Tomes and Booker with their planes also Wyatt turned up; he told me Edgecombe is in the Fleet Air Arm.

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