23 August 2010

Friday 16th August 1940: Barnes, Malden, Merton bombed

Rather warm, dull, calm. Air raid warning mid-day but nothing transpired apart from the sound of many aircraft. Cleaned bearings and re-adjusted cones of on pedal of cycle. Another warning from 5 to 6 p.m. Heard squadron of German bombers approaching from west passing overhead to east. Many bombs were dropped from Malden to Merton Abbey. Five high explosive bombs fell locally, two on the playing fields and two on the concrete road - Bushey Rd, one damaging a lorry and seriously injuring the driver - have not heard if he died, and one beside the Arterial Garage at end of Vernon Avenue. Saw the damage. Bombs fell at West Barnes and Kingston Road; from the Merton Park Level Crossing to the Grove is said to be wrecked.
On this day: we now know that no fewer than 1,720 German aircraft were involved in the raids across the south of England on this one day. Meanwhile, RAF aircraft bombed Milan and Turin.

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