11 July 2010

Monday 8th July 1940

Between very mild and rather warm. Very cloudy for the most part, but a few periods of moderate sun. A spoke nipple broke in the rim of my cycle; Alan Spooner gave me another which I fitted & made a perfect repair. Alan brought in a ???ode (pentode? periode?) and two screened-grid valves for me to see. Fred Spooner showed me an elementary crystal set; I gave him the parts to make a more efficient set. Mrs.Winsley called me in to see her 5 valve portable wireless; the high-tension battery was completely exhausted. Flew the lifting fuselage model on the rec in evening with a high-wing with grand results. A young man and his wife were very interested in it, and I invited them both to launch it in turn which they did successfully.
On this day: Aircraft from HMS Hermes torpedoed Richelieu, a French battleship, at Dakar (then in French West Africa).

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