15 July 2010

Monday 15th July 1940

Very mild, very dull, rain all day except for a short period in evening. Started converting my low-wing model into a high-wing for purposes of comparison. Alan Spooner brought a portable gramophone and pick-up which I tried on my set. Miss Trewin called in evening. To see Dear Mother's grave in evening which looks very nice. The self-sown marigolds have turned out to be a particularly fine variety. Alan Spooner brought a specimen of globe-thistle or echinops as he wanted to know the name. (Photo: echinops/globe-thistle. Credit: Anna via Wikipedia.)
On this day: French Vichy Government refused Germany use of military bases in northern Africa. And plans initiated by German General Staff for invasion of England some time after 15th August along 200-mile front from Ramsgate to Lyme Regis.

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