2 July 2010

Friday 28th June 1940

Rather warm, some genial sunny periods, ,ovelt evening. Weede part of the garden and cut the lawn. In afternoon to buy something for Dinkey. Alan Spooner brought back loud-speaker. Flew the low-wing model on Wimbledon Common in evening with excellent results in the small space** now available. Saw some boys I knew with models. The boy with the 'Duro' plane could not get results so I fixed the tail of mine to his and it flew with perfect steadiness; so he is going to make a new tail like mine. Saw another modellist I know who had a smale-scale Messerschmitt 109. The air tonight is redolent with the perfume of lime blossom.
**Note: Fred said wartime anti-tank trenches and searchlight batteries etc on Wimbledon Common had restricted the area which aircraft models could be flow - the need areas in which to land on reasonable smooth ground, even assuming the modellists are allowed into WWII 'military' areas.

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