26 June 2010

Sunday 23rd June 1940

Very mild, very dull and cloudy after rain, cool wind. Alb & Lily came to tea. Alb gave me further particulars about the bomb. It fell in a field off Featherbed Lane, Addington - East Croydon. Walk in evening along Cannon Hill Lane, Grand Drive and across the playing fields.

Note: Alb - i.e. Albert, the diarist's brother -  was married to Lily (née Lily Jones of Basingstoke). Albert and Lily lived in Tolworth. He commuted daily by train from Tolworth to Waterloo Station, London, and then walked all the way, crossing the River Thames at London Bridge, to an office in Lime Street, in the City of London. He worked for a marine insurance broker (Evans), often visiting Lloyd's of London - the major maritime insurance market, whose modern building is still there at No 1, Lime Street - along with the facade of the older building. (Photo: Jacklondon2009 via Wikipedia.)

On this day: German troops now free to occupy entire Atlantic coast of France.  

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