17 June 2010

Sunday 16th June 1940

Very mild, rain in morning, cool N.wind, a little rain in evening. As far as the windmill** on Wimbledon Common in evening; Met Alf, lily and Mr Rose coming back. Walked home with them, and was asked into Doris Bridge's in Lower Doris Road to see her garden. National Day of Prayer on behalf of France. Paris and Northern France are in German occupation, and the outlook is desperate indeed.

**See for details of the restored windmill. When I was a teenager I researched an article about windmills in Surrey, and wrote of '...a mill which can only just claim to be in Surrey is probably the best known of any in the Home Counties. This is the hollow-post mill on Wimbledon Common, which was built in 1817. It is unique in that it is the only mill in this country in which the machinery, housed in the large base of the mill, took its drive from the sails through a hollow, central post. The visitor may read on a plaque that Baden-Powell wrote his famous book Scouting for Boys in the mill-house in the year 1908. The mill has been restored and must look now much as it did when it ground its last sackful of flour.'  (Photo and postcard to follow, when found!)

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