8 June 2010

Friday 7th June 1940

"Cousin Len is reported missing"

Glorious, 76 in the shade: the wind is now S.E. Aunt Liza called in the morning to say that cousin Len whose regiment is the Queen Victoria Rifles has been reported missing. His regiment had orders to hold up the German advance on Calais at all costs while the British Expeditionary Force was evacuated from the sea after being surrounded on  three sides. Only 30 of the 3,000 men sent are safe, so the chances that he is all right are unfortunatrly small. A great blow, but a gallant fight by which 335,000 men were saved. --- Uncle Ben and cousin Frank called in the evening.

On this day:

  • France bombs Berlin
  • UK and French troops start withdraw from Narvik
  • Norwegian government retreats to Britain to establish government in exile
  • Italy orders its ships at sea to sail to neutral ports (prior to entering the war).

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