8 May 2010

Wednesday, 8th May 1940

Mild, very dull but calm and quiet. Bought liver for Dinky. Drew out designs for new 21 1/2 ins fuselage. Mrs.Matson came to tea.

On this day:  Marshal Semyon_Timoshenko (1895-1970) was appointed in the Soviet Union as the People's Commissar for Defence, a post soon taken over by Stalin when Germany invaded the Soviet Union in June. Born to a peasant family, he was drafted into the army of the Russian Empire and served in the cavalry in WWI. A lifelong professional soldier, he still served his nation fifty years later, chairing the State Committee for War Veterans from 1961. 


  1. Really enjoy reading all about Uncle Fred, however in this post I think the dates should read 1890 - 1970, hope you don't mind me saying :o)

  2. I made a mistake to, 1895-1970, sorry.