15 May 2010

Wednesday, 15th May 1940

Rather warm, fine sunny day, cooling breeze. Few flashes of lightning at night, slight rain.Further repairs to garden path; planted a few dwarf dahlias. Walk along  line* to Wimbledon in evening. Saw first pink roses out on a climbing rose at Wimbledon. The may and chestnut trees are at their best.
*footpath alongside railway.

This postcard was send to Uncle Fred by Cissy (his sister Theresa), on 6th August 1909, from Weymouth. She wrote:
'Dear Fred, You will see I have slightly cracked your engine, through sitting on it in the train. Weather glorious, had a good journey behind engine 150. Kind regards to Mother and all of you. Cissy.'

On this day: Britain's RAF lost half its force in France in past three days; 100 aircraft lost. Churchill continued private correspondence with President Roosevelt, asking for loan of ships, guns and ammunition - and US Navy's presence in Irish ports and Singapore. Tonight, 15-16th, the RAF would send 99 bombers to attack, ineffectively, steel and oil production and storage in the Ruhr.

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