21 May 2010

Tuesday, 21st May 1940

Mild, some sunny periods but cold E.wind blowing great guns: terrible. The first roses out on the climbing Mme E. Herriot rose at front door; they are very fine this year, of better quality and greater number - 80 buds so far. Walk around playing fields in evening to find an encampment of soldiers and two great anti-aircraft guns there. Uncle Ben called.

On this day: Germany claimed to have annihilated France's Ninth Army. Rommel's troop halted British south of Arras. Vera Brittain's diary noted brilliant sun and cold east wind - 'Hitler's weather' - and 'Had my hair washed after tea; may as well be bombed with clean hair as dirty.'  Our diary writers wouldn't have known that yesterday the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration and death camp opened in Poland.

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