14 May 2010

Tuesday, 14th May 1940

Rather warm, 68degs warmest day so far, lovely sunny day but fresh cool breeze, nice calm evening. In morning to buy fish and stationery. In afternoon re-made side path in garden and planted row of crimson campion. Alan Spooner called to show me his new electric soldering iron. Mrs.Akroyd called. There are 60 buds on climbing rose at front door - some showing colour.

On this day:

  • Germany Stukas bombed Rotterdam, killing 980 people and destroying some 20,000 buildings.
  • Holland surrendered; the government moved to the UK. 
  • 45 RAF aircraft, Battles and Blenheims, from a force of 100 were lost while attacking German troops at Sedan.
  • French forces failed to stop German tanks at Sedan, the Germans turning west to isolate the Allies in Belgium.

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