9 May 2010

Thursday, 9th May 1940

Very mild, lovely sunshine all day; a stiff cool breeze but a lovely Spring day. To buy Dinky some liver. Cut the lawn - first time this year. Built one side of new 21 1/2 ins fuselage. Alan Spooner called. Repaired tail of Jack Bradley's Leopard Moth model.

On this day: Mussolini personally decided to bring Italy into the war.

A POTENTIAL COINCIDENCE IN 2010: tomorrow (Monday) may see the UK with a new Prime Minister - we await the outcome of talks between political parties following an indecisive General Election. It was on 10th May 1940, as we'll recall in this Blog tomorrow, that Winston Churchill became Prime Minister, heading a coalition of Conservative, Liberal and Labour. Chamberlain had resigned saying, "new and drastic action must be taken if confidence is to be restored to the House of Commons and the war carried on with the vigour and energy which are essential to victory".  - Just reporting - not suggesting any parallels! - Tony.

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