5 May 2010

Sunday, 5th May 1940

Rather warm, lovely sunny day except for a cool N wind which made it one of those hot-cold days. Uncle Henry, Alb & Lily to tea. To Wimbledon Common; saw some very good model flights. Pontifex's apply tree is a picture; so full of bloom. Cut two fine bunches of violet from tree in front garden: best it has ever been.

On this day: French Foreign Legion landed at Narvik. Germans pushed north from Trondheim.

Sunday School Outing to Oxshott. 1904.

I wonder if any of their descendants will ever see this Blog?-TF

One of the few family-linked photos surviving (click to enlarge). The title (above) comes from handwriting on the back - clearly a Sunday School Outing wasn't just for children! The gent in the centre of the back row is named as Mr F French (the name of the author of this 1940 diary) - but he appears in the photo to be much older than the fifteen years that our Fred would have been in 1904. On his right (our left) is a very pleasant Miss Chapman, a name that occurs in the diary. The other hats, boaters and tashes belong to:
Back row: Mrs Laurence, Mrs Blackman, Mr Bennett, Miss Chapman, Mr F French, Miss Hay (Kay?), Mr W S Bond, Mrs Walden, Unknown.
Front Row: Mr Walden, Mrs Sealey, Miss Yalden, Miss Read, Miss Ringwood, Mr Dawson.
Also on the back, written separately and in a different hand, as if this was to be her copy, is written Miss French and her address. This would surely be the Ciss whose time in hospital in 1939-40 we have seen recorded in the diary. 

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  1. such serious faces in that photo! One lady isnt wearing a hat-and on a Sunday too! unusual for the times?

    Leanne x