26 May 2010

Sunday 26th May 1940

Rather warm, gentle rain all day, rather nice. Alb & Lily to tea. They brought with them one of the two Czech boys who are staying with them - Jean Stein. A very interesting boy; showed him my aeroplanes. His father was a doctor of psychology in his own country. Uncle Henry & Mrs.Akroyd & Uncle Ben called in evening.
On this day: the evacuation of Allied troops began. 224,585 British troops and 112,546 French and Belgian troops were evacuated over the course of a week, leaving 40,000 French troops behind. 231 rescue ships were sunk. Over 860 ships were involved.
Photo: Dunkerque Tour de Leughenaer. (Martinp via Wikipedia)

Vera Brittain, visiting England's south coast, wrote: 'Signposts being moved from all roads by Ministry of Transport.'

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