19 May 2010

Sunday, 19th May 1940

"Uncle Henry and Mrs.Akroyd called in evening
 with damnable effrontery."

Mild, brilliant sunshine, cloudless sky, but devastating cold E.wind. Alb & Lily to tea. Uncle Henry and Mrs.Akroyd called in evening with damnable effrontery. Walked along Arterial Road**; the laburnum trees are fine.
**Note: was there (or is there still) a road called Arterial Road in Raynes Park? Or was it just a general term (although Fred writes it with a capital A and R) for the main road into London, i.e. Bushey Road.

On this day:

  • Vera Brittain records on 19th May (in book 'Vera Brittain's Diary', Thorpe, ISBN 0 7089 8716 8) a 'complacent BBC voice' reported ' ghastly a storm of mechanised battles... as one could have imaged.' She adds, ' The Blitzkrieg (is) destroying what the men of the past built up with infinite exertion - towns, art, literature, civilisation itself - is a betrayal of the whole human race.' 
  • Churchill, in a BBC broadcast today: "Our task is not only to win the battle, but to win the war."
  • Yesterday, the battleship HMS Resolution near Narvik was hit, but not sunk, by a 1,000lb bomb from a Junkers Ju 88. 

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