18 May 2010

Saturday, 18th May 1940

Very mild, fine sunny day but stiff E.breeze. Flew the low wing and the small spar models on the Common. The low wing flew with great height but damaged its wing on a tree. The spar model which flew so well last night would not perform for some reason I could not discover.

On this day: Marshal Philippe Pétain named vice-premier of France. Germans captured Amiens, Cambrai and St Quentin. Germans advanced some 45,000 vehicles at 30 miles a day through broken French lines. Hitler decreed reincorportaion of Eupen, Malmédy and Moresnet into Germany. And in Italy, Mussolini affirmed alliance with Germany. 


  1. We walked the dogs in Arrow park today, and watched the model plane club, so many planes out, most modern with engines but many wind up ones

  2. Thank you for comment. I've not see a model plane fly for years - I must find and post lost photo of one of Fred's - the small planes we see here are 2- and 4-seat aircraft, and microlights, from a local small airfield! (Is that Arrowe Park near the sea on the Wirral?)

  3. It is; a great place to walk the dogs, the model plane club meets there most weekends, and hosts a big gathering a few times a year. Uncle Fred would be pleased to see the standard of building achieved by the members?

  4. You write: 'Uncle Fred would be pleased to see the standard of building achieved by the members?' You know, many, many times as I play a CD with music he only heard on a scratchy vinyl record or an old 'wireless' - even a crystal set - or sit at my computer (something he never saw), I do wonder what he would think if he could drop in all these years later or peep over my shoulder.My, how he would have appreciated the communication and technology - and better medicines - but he'd have had to leave a few Sunday School ideas to one side.