11 May 2010

Saturday, 11th May 1940

"Saw heron fly over low in evening..."
Mild, small amount of sun, chilly, boisterous East wind. Out only to buy Dinky's food for the week end. Alan Spooner called. Polishing the floors is my usual Saturday job now. Saw heron fly over low in evening; they always do from N.W. to S.E. now.

On this day: yesterday, Britain occupied Iceland to take on responsibility for its defence - though not without some Icelanders resenting this. And overnight, Britain had begun its campaign of bombing strategic German communication facilities, in Geldern, Goch, Aldkerk, Rees and Wesel - in this case using eight Whitley bombers (Wikipedia photo). In Belgium, Germany easily took Fort Eben Emael, a supposedly strong defence point protecting Liege. 

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