27 May 2010

Monday 27th May 1940

Rather warm, perfect cloudless day, rather breezy. Bought geraniums and petunias near Raynes Park Station. Paid visit to Len Garrod. Little Peter Child called to take his father some marrow plants. Planted the geraniums and petunias on dear Mother's grave in evening. Could hear the bombardment in France very clearly this evening.

Note: radio news of troop positions was now being withheld. Yesterday, Germans set fire to the oil tanks in Dunkirk. The evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force and the First French Army was named as Operation Dynamo. 6,000 troops were evacuated today from the waiting 300,000. Five troopships took 4,000 from the harbour, and ships' boats lifted 2,000 from the beaches.

'Waiting in the dunes.' Troops wait to be taken off the beaches. The Times photo in a short book first published in 1941, The Nine Days Wonder, by John Masefield. 

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