24 May 2010

Friday 24th May 1940

"I could hear incessant gunfire..."

Between very mild and rather warm, some pleasant sunny periods. Took off the bulbs from Mother's grave and dug it over well in preparation for summer planting. Flew the low wing with Alan Spooner on the Rec in evening; he flew his large cabin model. The Germans occupied Boulogne yesterday; I could hear incessant gunfire all afternoon. The British Expeditionary Force is cut off and have the enemy on three sides and the sea on the fourth; there is a gap 25 miles wide in the Allied lines and things are desperate. Heard the King** broadcast a message at night.

**"The King spoke on the wireless tonight (Empire Day) - dull, heavy, uninspired, full of platitudes..." - Vera Brittain's diary (ISBN 0 7089 8716 8).

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