18 May 2010

Friday, 17th May 1940

Very mild, some bright sun but chilly wind. Hard work in garden digging up bulbine** roots and unwanted raspberry canes. Flew miniature spar model on  Common in evening with fine results including a flight of 52 seconds.

** Can this be accurate? Bulbine according to the Wiki page, is found mainly in South Africa, with some of the 160 species in Australia. Fred's handwriting (click to enlarge) is shown below. Comments and assistance and corrections welcome! 

Thanks to Groatie (see Comments below) it looks as if Fred's diary reads 'bellbine' which is another name for bindweed (the link in Groatie's Comment), or see Calystegia in Wiki.  


  1. I think it actually reads bellbine, another name for bindweed, which would take a lot of digging out and is definitely not the gardener's friend!

    More here

  2. Not being a gardener, but reading those encyclopaedias, I think I prefer to call it Morning Glory! Some 'weeds' seem attractive to me!