24 April 2010

Wednesday, 24th April 1940

Mild, very dull, gentle rain all day, calm; nice weather for the plants. Removed gas and copper while I laid new oilcloth in scullery. In morning to buy Dinky's dinner, also balsa cement at Hill's. More work deepening the camber of low-wing. The flowering trees are lovely; I like the deep pink prunus triloba.

File:Prunus triloba var. truncata 01.JPG
 Photo credit: Dalgial, via Wikipedia


  1. Might be prunus triloba which comes in shades of pink and is in bloom at this time of year.

    From wikipedia:

    Prunus triloba sometimes called "flowering almond"[1] is a shrubby cherry, sometimes becoming a small tree. which has double pink flowers.

  2. Thanks again, Groatie! Yes, I'm sure you're right. I'll add the image...