10 April 2010

Wednesday, 10th April 1940

(Modern comment: 10th April 2010 is a gloriously sunny day, with four deer visible from our Devon window, the stag's antlers held magnificently alert as he turns, watches and listens before returning to browsing grass which still glistens with the morning dew. But, back in wartime south-west London...)
Rather cold, dull, bitter N wind. Out in morning to buy liver for Dinky. The ornamental plumb trees are coming into bloom. Harold Conrade called in afternoon; he is staff sargeant-major (one of Fred's few spelling mistakes) - shortly to get a commission. Miss Read called in evening.

On this day British and German ships fought the First Battle of Narvik - each nation losing two destroyers, and five other German ships being badly damaged, pursued and sunk. Meanwhile, Iceland declared independence from Denmark - and Belgium reaffirmed its neutrality while going to a status of military alert. Also on this day dive-bombing Blackburn Skua aircraft (890hp nine-cylinder radial engines) of the UK's Fleet Air Arm Britain's achieved the first sinking of a major warship by aircraft - the Konigsberg, already damaged by Norwegian shore batteries. 

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