9 April 2010

Tuesday, 9th April 1940

Rather cool, dull, a few sunny periods, however chilly stiff N wind. Did a bit of gardening but too cold for much. Germany invades Denmark which is completely occupied and also parts of Norway: the latter is resisting.

Those comments on wider aspects of the war were from Uncle Fred's diary - not my modern 'On this day' additions.His report was indeed up to date - it was a rapid German advance by land, sea and air. Norway's Vidkun Quisling, a name that became synonymous with traitors,  proclaimed himself prime minister. Denmark's troops were directed, reluctantly, to offer no resistance. 10,000 German troops concealed on merchant ships stormed Norweigan ports. Any hopes of a negotiated peace were over - the end of 'The Phoney War'. The Soviet Union wished Germany every success in her 'defensive measures'.

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