18 April 2010

Thursday, 18th April 1940

Very cool, howling cold N. wind, dismal, torrents of rain nearly all day. Jean Child came to tea and played the piano while I played the violin. Started modifying the 41 ins wing reducing the span to 37 ins: it will be used in conjunction with the 22 1/2 lifting fuselage as a low wing.

(In 2010, today another gloriously sunny day, with just a few cumulus in the evening - unlike yesterday's dawn to dusk completely cloudless sky - with, again, no contrails while IFR/commercial flights are banned due to the ash from an Icelandic volcano.)

'A.T.S. Before the war... she was a housemaid at a doctor's in a small country town in Somerset...Now she is stationed on a gun battery near London.'

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