7 April 2010

Sunday, 7th April 1940

Rather mild, sunny morning, getting very cool and dull. Alb and Lily to tea. Uncle Henry and Mrs Akroyd - just them in evening.  Fred Fraine sent me a twin-gear propeller shaft and nose block for aero.

On this day Booker T. Washington becomes the first African American to be depicted on a United States postage stamp.

Continuing entries mentioning Ciss
Wednesday, 1st November, 1939 ...Went to see Ciss who is improving, slowly however: she can now have bananas...
Friday, 3rd November 1939 ...Took bananas and papers etc to Ciss, who I found on enquiry was "very comfortable"...
Sunday, 5th November 1939 ...Saw Ciss to-day; she is definitely better but has a long way to go yet... Mrs Pontifax provided a sumptuous roast pork dinner.

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