14 April 2010

Sunday, 14th April 1940

Mild, dull, getting cooler, cold wind springing up later. Jean Child called. Dad answered the door to a man he believed was Mr. Moore - Doreen's father; he inquired where the Frayne's lived now - Mrs Moore's parents; Dad told him. Saw Dear Mother's grave; the tulips will be in bloom soon. - Oh, heard the Kreutzer sonata on one exquisite violin.

On this day British forces landed at Vaags Fjord to support Norweigan resistance at Narvik.

Continuing Ciss's story...
Thursday 14th December 1939 Fred wrote: Bitterly cold...bought sausages...thoroughly cleaned Ciss' room - washed the floor...
Sunday 17th December 1939: ...Ciss has been put in the hospital annexe, the last stage before discharge: she seemed very cheerful and gave me Xmas present there - a hot water bottle...
Tuesday 19th December 1939: ...Lily called in afternoon saying Ciss was leaving hospital on Saturday. Also her mother was coming to Tolworth and I was to send the camp bed there.
Wednesday 20th December 1939: ...Saw Ciss who knew nothing about coming out yet but I took her coat however. Dr Smith says she is to stay in over Xmas. Saw Joan in there she is a lovely auburn haired girl...
Thursday 21st December 1939: ... Carter Paterson called to take camp bed to Tolworth...
Saturday 23rd December 1939: ...put bunch of holly on dear Mother's grave...bough an exquisite bottle of scent for Ciss. Sent card to Dad.
Sunday 24th December 1939: ...Saw Ciss again, took her presents - a bottle of "Admiration" scent from me also a shoal of Xmas cards... Charlie Cook brought Dad to see Ciss to-day. Saw Joan in there - asked if I was coming to-morrow.
Christmas Day: ...To hospital, met Alb and Lily and Mrs. Jones (Lily's mother) just about to go in. Ciss seemed very cheerful but tires easily. Had tea there in the ward. She is due to go to Bognor on Thursday, but I doubt if she is strong enough yet. Played violin to myself in evening: strangest Xmas day I have experienced

"Played violin to myself in evening: strangest Xmas day I have experienced"

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