6 April 2010

Saturday, 6th April 1940

Rather mild getting very cool, some sun with perceptible warmth in it. Flew the usual model on Wimbledon Common with great height. Fred and Alan Spooner doing well with theirs.

And continuing Ciss's story (see yesterday's blog)
Thursday, 26th October 1939 ...Dad saw Ciss to-day Charlie took him in his car. Saw doctor at night...
Friday, 27th October 1939 ...Ciss very weak and suffering from nettle rash; she had many visitors including Lily as she felt anxious...
Saturday, 28th October 1939 ...saw Dr Metcalfe at his Wimbledon Hill residence; he thought Ciss would pull through.
Sunday, 29th October 1939 ...Saw Ciss again. Eddie Hopkins among visitors. Still anxious. Phoned hospital in evening, they said she was a little better then. Jack Bradley and Alan Spooner enquired in evening.
Monday, 30th October 1939. ...Saw Ciss and found her a little better; she said she felt she had turned the corner. I was pleased to note an improvement. Got a certificate from the nurse.
Tuesday, 31st October 1939 ...Phoned hospital in early evening and got the best report so far. They said Ciss was still improving, that I could see her that evening but then only on visiting days. So she is now out of danger and turned the corner, thank God.
But Ciss stay in hospital. More entries tomorrow...

And yesterday, in 1940, in a major public speech UK Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, in what proves to be a tragic misjudgment, declares that Hitler has "missed the bus" (Wikipedia 1940 dates page)

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