27 April 2010

Saturday, 27th April 1940

Rather warm, some lovely sun, but thunder in afternoon. Flew aero on Wimbledon Common; saw some flashes of lightning, but only a few spots of rain. Laura Ashenden and her husband saw my aero perform well and I let them both launch it which they did satisfactorily. Cousin Arthur and Kitty brought Dad and Ciss home from Tolworth in the car.

On this day in 1940 (27th April) Himmler ordered the construction of a concentration camp at Auschwitz, in Poland, which would be the central facility for extermination of inmates. 


"The sea is  frozen at Bognor up to 300 yards out."

Ciss's story -  and a very cold January - doctor's bills - and some religion! We left Ciss still in Wimbledon Hospital, on 24th January, hoping to go to Bognor for recuperation - she had been in hospital since 15th October 1939. Fred wrote, rather surprisingly at first...
Thursday, 25th January: ...shops morning, afternoon and in evening to pay doctor's bill. I suppose Ciss went to Bognor to-day; shall hear soon.
Sunday 28th January: ...the Thames is frozen over between Teddington and Sunbury. The sea is frozen at Bognor up to 300 yards out. Ciss is there I expect she will stay in mostly.At night quantities of ice particles fell and made a covering of ice on top of the snow. It made the electric trains blaze with green and violet flashes... The sky was flickering incessantly with the light and the white landscape looked wonderful in the coloured flashes.
Monday, 29th January: ...wind is blowing snow into the house through chinks in doors and windows... Electric trains are being drawn by steam locos.
Tuesday 30th January: ...Met Eddie Conrade - a changed man, he is full of religious fervour and would like to have a talk with me...he himself had been cured by the laying on of hands and prayer.
Thursday 1st February: ...In evening through several inches of slushy snow and in the blackout to the doctor's to get a certificate for Ciss...

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