29 April 2010

Monday, 29th April 1940

Mild, cloudy: not unpleasant. Small amount of work in garden. Covered with yellow tissue the ,ow wing and doped under side. Out to buy something for Dinky and to post a letter to Chas Staden. Mrs Akroyd called: she had cut her hand severely.

"bought string for my violin... registered Dad at butchers... painted lavatory seat with white enamel"

Ciss's story brought up to date. Here's what Fred tells us of his sister after she returned home, following her three months in hospital and her short time in Bognor and Tolworth - plus a few more entries reflecting their life in wartime London... 
Tuesday, 20th February 1940: ...Had a dinner cooked by Ciss - first one for a long time...
Wednesday 21st February: ...Ciss visited the hospital and saw Nurse Laurie who wished to be remembered to me: she is awfully nice...
Saturday 24th February: ...Ciss went to Tolworth: more than I could do.
Saturday 2nd March: ...Cis went to Tolworth to bring dad back, but he is staying on a bit longer... Took pail of coal to Mrs Chiled who is without.
Tuesday 5th March: ......bought a string for my violin and tin of white celluloid enamel, also registered Dad at butchers. At night painted lavatory seat with white enamel.
Saturday 9th March: ...Dad returned home at last having stayed at Tolworth  since the beginning of October...
Thursday 14th March: ...The steel air raid shelter was delivered and left in pieces in the front garden. Bought glass at Smaldons - one piece for a clock front the other for a tray bottom which I decorated in brown and gold. Woman called from the animals Air Raid Precautions Committee so we registered Dinky and he has a numbered identity disc for him to wear.

This brings us up to date with the household story, from the time Ciss entered hospital in October 1939 up to the start of this Blog with Fred's entry for 20th March 1940.


  1. Thanks for the update re Ciss and their Dad, and for explaining how it all fits together.

    I see from today's entry that Fred was indeed using Japanese tissue for his model plane wings, then using dope to give them strength.

    How old were Fred and Ciss at this time?

  2. Hullo Groatie. Fred recorded his 51st birthday earlier this year(1940). (See Friday 5th April.) I'll have to research Ciss - I have wondered but don't have all the facts to hand. I think she was a bit older than Fred - but I'm not certain, yet... Tony