28 April 2010

Sunday, 28th April 1940

Mild, rain morning and night, rather dull. The trees and bushes are lovely in the freshness of Spring. The flowering trees are beautiful. Saw the tulips on Mother's grave, they are fine. Alb and Lily came to tea. (Fred's brother and sister-in-law.) Uncle Henry and Mrs Akroyd came in evening. Wrote long letter to Rev. Chas Staden.

Ciss's story. Followers of this Blog will know that Fred's sister had finally left Wimbledon Hospital after 3+ months, going to Bognor to recuperate. We are rapidly bringing her story up to date. Fred wrote...
Friday 2nd February 1940: ...Letter from Ciss from Bognor, and one from Alb and Dad with some money enclosed... washed, starched and tinted pair of lace curtains...
Tuesday 6th February: ...card from Ciss saying she is staying at Bognor for another week: I am glad.
Thursday 8th February: ...washed curtains of Ciss's room also my handkerchiefs...
Friday 9th February: ...ironed Ciss's curtains also the short curtains and put them up; that finishes all the curtains at the back of the house, a stage further in getting the house nice for Ciss' return. Dinky (the cat) is a shade better to-day; I bought him some cod-liver oil and malt and I think he will be all right soon if I can keep him in at night; he lets himself out of the skylight - opening it himself, like Pickwick used to do.
Friday 11th February: ...bitterly cold. People are fools to live in this climate.
Monday 12th February: ...card from Ciss saying she will be home on Thursday...
Thursday 13th February - after what seems a full day's entry about shopping etc there is a line under and then: Ciss came back from Bognor to-day and went straight on to Alb and Lily's at Tolworth: I presume that was the plan.
Sunday 18th February: ...Sunday or not I put in a long day's hard work house-cleaning in preparation for Ciss's return probably tomorrow: must make a good impression.

"...must make a good impression" 

Monday 19th February: ......Ciss came home in taxicab from Tolworth with Lily with a heap of luggage in afternoon. Cousin Len in uniform came in to see her. So at last she is home, thank God, after having been away since 15th October. Dad remains at Tolworth for a few more days. Saw Aunt Liza who is laid up again.

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