1 April 2010

Monday, 1st April 1940

Mild, fine sunny day but very boisterous. The men came to erect the steel air raid shelter at the end of the garden, it is sunk 4ft deep in the ground. Got down into it to see what it was like. Re-planted the rose bushes that I dug up to make room for the shelter. With Alan Spooner to Joseph Hoods Rec. to test the new lifting tail he has built for his big aero. It brings the wing further forward which is what he wanted.

And back on Saturday, 6th January ...the thermometer rose continuosly until at night it had reached 45 degrees - a phenomenal rise and the cold snap ends although a little slushy snow remains. Mrs Ackroyd called and bought some jam. Out to register for meat rations also to buy stamps and postcards for Ciss. More housework to-day. - Oh, I heard Ida Shepley the glorious contralto on the wireless.


  1. Hi,

    Ida Shepley was my grandmother's step sister. Ida was born Ida Humphrey in Monks Coppenhall, Crewe in 1908. "Discovered" by the BBC in 1938, she appeared in a number of radio and troop performances during WW2. Appeared on the stage and TV too. Her brother Cyril served in the RAF during WW2.


  2. Thank you, John.... Fascinating to me also that you've commented on an early entry... did it emerge from a general search I wonder, or specifically reading this blog. The former I guess.