5 April 2010

Friday, 5th April 1940

Rather mild morning, sunny periods but getting very cool; cold N wind increasing. Did some work piling up earth on Air Raid shelter and repairing the path. Out to do some shopping. Alan Spooner took delivery of new nose-block and propeller gear. Ciss bought new G string for my violin: good.

Ciss was in hospital for months...
We've seen some of Fred's entries for the start of this year. These made me look back to see just when his sister - 'Ciss', real name Theresa - went into hospital, and why. Fred's daily entries always began with the weather which I've omitted in this edited version of those referring to Ciss:
Sunday, 8th October 1939 ...saw an A.R.P decontamination squad practising in the Ridgeway...
Monday, 9th October 1939 ...Ciss went to doctor who found a lump on her chest which he said must be removed at once.
Tuesday, 10th October 1939 ...Out to buy meat for Dinky. Uncle Dick called to hear about Ciss. Lily also called to make arrangements.
Thursday, 12th October 1939 ...flew model on Common with Alan Spooner... His two behaved perfectly, the parachute lowering the big model most realistically... Alb and Lily to tea to make arrangements.
Sunday, 15th October 1939 ...Lily came and saw Ciss into Copse Hill Hospital. I pray God the operation will be successful. Took bundle of washing to 34.
Tuesday, 17th October 1939 ...Ciss was operated on to-day; I telephoned the hospital in evening and had a reassuring report. Told all relatives within reach. Mr. Bradley brough me one of his water-colours seacapes as a keepsake.
Wednesday, 18th October 1939 51 to-day, feel a lot older... went to see Ciss in Copse Hill Hospital and found her better than I expected. Took fine bunch of dahlias. Lily and Eddie Bennett were there and Miss Read waiting outside for news. Visited Bradley's in evening and Dinky was in his old home asleep in the armchair.
Thursday, 19th October 1939 ...saw Dr. Metcalf who gave a good report of Ciss
Sunday 22nd October 1939 ...Went to see Ciss...she seemed weaker than on Wednesday, but she is bound to vary, it is early yet. Alb and Lily also went and came for a cup of tea. Charlie Cook was at hospital as his wife and daughter were on duty there.
Monday, 23rd October 1939 ...Did a lot of shopping. Took towels, calvesfoot jelly, eau de Cologne, oranges and fruit jelly sweets to Ciss in hospital; did not see her but was told she was fairly comfortable...
Wednesday, 25th October 1939 ...Many people to see Ciss whose condition remains very weak. I saw a great difference in her and am very concerned.
More entries about Ciss added to blog tomorrow...

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