19 April 2010

Friday, 19th April 1940

Very cool, dull, rain nearly all day. Took battery to be charged. Put daffodils and narcissus on dear Mother's grave. The trees are coming out now and the elder and hawthorne are quite green. Mr Ward two large ribes bushes are a lovely sight.

On this day France landed 2,000 mountain troops in Norway, without most of their heavy equipment. Yugoslavia said it had foiled a German plot to overthrow its government. The Netherlands confirmed its wish to remain neutral.

Continuing Ciss's story... she had entered hospital on 15th October 1939 and was still there over Christmas. Uncle Fred wrote...
Tues 26 Boxing Day ...Yesterday's dinner was provided by Mrs Pontifex to-day's by Lily. Heated it up in steamer and was splendid; had Xmas pudding from both sources - good. More violin...
Wednesday 27th December 1939 ...Saw Ciss who had a crowd of visitors - Uncle Henry, Lily, Alf's Lily and her sister Doris, Aunt Liza and dear Gladys. Ciss was examined this morning and her convalescence at Bognor has been postponed another week... am getting into fine form on the violin.
Saturday 30th December 1939 ...the lavatory cistern is frozen solid. The scullery sink had a sheet of ice in it.
Sunday 31st December 1939 ...carried a heavy load - two large tins of Scourine and 4 lbs of jam among other things to hospital. Very heavy going up the Downs with half frozen slush...Ciss is almost like her old self and there is every reason to believe she will be discharged soon - perhaps Thursday... And so ends another year, not a very happy one but thank God for such blessings as we have. The end of 1939.

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  1. How thrilling to see Fred's handwriting in his journal. Fountain pen of course. Really brings the era, but most of all Fred's personality, so close. Thank you!