26 March 2010

Tuesday, 26th March 1940

Rather cold, dismal, torrents of rain all day, rather rough. Out only to buy liver for Dinky. Made another balsa soundpost and fitted it to violin.

On Monday, 1st January 1940 Uncle Fred wrote the entry below in his diary. I'm adding it here as the above was a very short entry, so I've just browsed some earlier pages. Had it been a white Christmas, at the end of 1939? And just how honest can you get about your dreams? I wonder if anyone who reads this has a photo of Annie Chapman or knows anything about her. By the way, it sounds as if some shops were open on New Year's Day. Here's Fred's entry...

Very cold, freezing all day, still a lot of snow left, rather foggy. Dreamed I met dear Annie Chapman face to face, and that she declined an offer of marriage I had made her; haven't met her for nearly 15 years, wonder whether I ever shall again. Stayed in to-day as there was no need to go to the shops.


  1. It doesn't surprise me that the shop's were open on New Year's Day. My mum (born 1910)used to tell me about going down to the local post office on Christmas morning to spend her Christmas money on a toy Post Office. I don't think that either Christmas or New Year were anything like the big deal they are now especially for the working classes.

  2. You've reminded me of a marriage certificate dated 25th December that was among the very few, in this case very old, family papers. I'll make a point of posting it one day. I last showed it to a friend who had just got married between Christmas and New Year's day. As to shops - I've just been reminded that there were no fridges to keep milk etc, so few successive days could go by without shopping or at least a milk delivery... no we have more official holidays but nearer '24/7' shopping!