28 March 2010

Thursday, 28th March 1940

Rather cold, bitter N. wind but some sunny periods, slight snow shower midday. Along rail path to Wimbledon to buy wire and string and screw adjuster for my violin: also bought fish for Dinky. Fred Spooner brought in his Sportster model aero. for me to see. The Almond blossom & Forsythias are in full bloom.

Dinky the cat is also referred to on the inside back cover of Uncle Fred's 1940 diary: Dinkey's Registration Number: A474748 There are lines through that number and below: Corrected Number is: A474758 Were all cats registered during WWII?

On this dayThe Allies ordered that Norway's waters should be mined, and initiated a study for bombing Russian oil producing areas in the Caucasus (in case Germany acquired Russian oil). It was also agree that neither Britain or France would enter into separate peace agreements.

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  1. I've found this re cat registration.

    "On the other hand, pet cats could be issued with a NARPAC collar and registration disc that ensured their return if they were found straying during, or after, a blitz or blackout. The disc read: "Finder Please Report This Number To Nearest National Animal Guard". The National Air Raid Precautions Animals Committee was established to ensure the well-being of domestic and working animal under war conditions, a national register was set up and registered animals were issued with a NARPAC numbered disc attached to a collar as identification. The NARPAC Animal Service were responsible for working animals (e.g. horses) while the NARPAC Animal Guard were predominantly women who were responsible for the welfare and registration of domestic pets covering a few streets in their local area."

    (From . There is also an image of the registration card)

    I only found your blog yesterday (via the RPWBRA link) & have already spent far too long browsing it! I'm now starting from the beginning.