24 March 2010

Sunday, 24th March 1940

Easter Sunday. Rather mild, dull, some drizzle. Jean Child called. Short walk in evening, past Annie's house.Uncle Henry and Miss Akroyd called - coming (sic) their old tricks again.

Gordan's Gin diary
For someone who was probably teetotal (let's continue reading his diaries and find out), it's ironic that Uncle Fred was prompted to start his daily record, back in January 1933, by being given this small diary with pages of glossy adverts extolling the purity and medicinal qualities of Gordon's Gin. The verse on the left reads: WHEN it's WHITE then it's PURE - No fact could be truer: It's logic that all can digest. Be the world full of sin, there remains Gordon's Gin - still WHITEST and PUREST and BEST!

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