30 March 2010

Saturday, 30th March 1940

Rather mild, coldish wind but some sunny periods - better. Finished planting new rhubarb bed re-planted Xmas tree. Uncle Ben called; gave him a cup of tea & two aspirins: he had got a headache.

On this day China proclaimed a new pro-Japanese government, claiming "a new defence" for East Asia.

And back on Thursday 4th January Uncle Fred had written: Wimbledon along the rail path to buy Ever Ready H.T. battery at Electrical Equipment Co. Saw two Drummond 4-6-0 locos on the way, also a Lord Nelson 4-6-0 and Lemaitre multi-blast chimney. Fitted H.T. battery to wireless and the quality of reproduction is amazingly realistic: grand. Heard that Bradleys really are moving so I suppose we shall have Dinky after all, but have not heard.

Note I believe there was no main electricity at the house, just gas for lighting and cooking, which explains the importance of the H T battery for the 'wireless'.

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