27 May 2018

27th May 1948: Dinky to the vet

27 Fri. Got the meat, also cold meat and meat paste. Paid for the papers. Daisy at the sweet shop saved four pineapple lollies for me to send to the Thompson children in Scotland. Sweets are off the market but Daisy put these “under the counter” for me. Took Dinky to P.D.S.A. at South Wimbledon The vet removed wax from his ears, tartar from his teeth and gave some powders for his catarrh. Wrote letter to the Newarthill people.

26 May 2018

26th May 1948: Buff-ochre stairs

26 Thur. Rather mild after heavy rain till midday, cloudy later. To the fish and chips shop. Did shopping in afternoon. In evening painted the stair treads buff-ochre.

25 May 2018

25th May 1948: Delightful in the sunshine

25 Wed. Very mild, some moderate sunshine, rather stiff cooling breeze; rain at night. Got the groceries as usual on Wed. also fish locally. Went to get the cork lino paid for yesterday; wheeled it home on my bike. Cycled to Morden to buy a paper there then to Morden Park which I walked through and enjoyed very much. The large sweeps of undulating meadow and the trees and shrubs looked delightful in the sunshine. Finished removing paint from stairs.

24 May 2018

24th May 1948: Motor still won't start

24 Tues. Very cool, cloudy, rather windy: must have rained all through the night: we needed it. Paid Mr Robbins £4.8.1 for a new hearth rug and 5½ yds of lino. Bought cats fish also fish cakes for ourselves. Bought ether at Worcester Park for my diesel motor but I failed to start it. Scraped a lot more old paint off the stair treads.

23 May 2018

23rd May 1948: More tomatoes

23 Mon. Very mild, nice morning and afternoon with soft sunshine but dull and fine rain later. Met Mrs Collis who has been ill and is just getting about again. Bought a birthday card for Uncle Tom: posted it. Bought fish. Bought five tomato plants – Stonor’s M.P.: planted them after buying hop manure. Scraped more old paint off the stairs.

22 May 2018

22nd May 1948: Sunday walk

22 Sun. Rather warm, lovely genial day of soft sunshine: but cooler, cloudy later, then rain. The children played pin board as usual, Kennie scored 775. Walked round Common Hill Common: saw the blue periwinkle.