23 June 2018

23rd June 1948: A hard task

23 Thur. Cool, cloudy morning, but a fine sunny afternoon, but the strong wind is NE. Bought fish and chips for dinner: met Alf’s Lily in the fish shop. Bought Kit-E-Cat: Tibby does not care for it but Dinky does. Divided up and transplanted a row of polyanthus. Also weeded one flower bed: did some tying up which made a great improvement. Am getting the garden in better trim: it has been a hard task. Short cycle ride in evening.

22 June 2018

22nd June 1948: Brake shoes and roses

22 Wed. Cool, dull morning, but the sun came out and warmed things up during the afternoon: rather cool wind however. Got the groceries, vinegar, fish etc. locally. Bought and fitted new brake shoes to cycle. Short ride in evening. Cousin Maud called in evening. She is having a week-end at Andover: gave her some roses.

21 June 2018

21st June 1948: Tidying the garden

21 Tues. Becoming rather warm by afternoon with some lovely sunshine but strangely enough the wind in the NE. Posted letter to Gwennie, bought cold meat and “Tibs” cat powders locally. Bought fish at Morden in afternoon. Did a lot more weeding and hoeing in the garden. I am making a big effort to get the garden tidy.

20 June 2018

20th June 1948: Wonderful transformation

20 Mon. Cool, dull morning, but the sun came out later and made a wonderful transformation: the rest of the day was warm and sunny with a lovely evening. Did some weeding in the garden. Bought Kit-E. Cat food also two cucumber plants which I planted. Watered the grave in evening. The new plants on the grave are doing well.

19 June 2018

19th June 1948: Very lovely roses

19 Mild, cloudy morning but brighter later. To Holland Gardens: the roses are very lovely just now. Cousin Len, Doris, young Joseph and baby Madeleine came to tea.

18 June 2018

18th June 1948: Poor cricket

18 Sat. Mild, nice sunny afternoon, but the stiff SW breeze spoilt the day, making it seem quite chilly. Bought fish, tomatoes locally and got the new accumulator from the shop after its first charge. Saw some cricket, Merton v Malden Wanderers. The batting was very poor – Merton were batting against some mediocre bowling – a dismal show altogether – soon came away. Cleaned all the windows indoors.