15 December 2017

15th December 1948: Christmas preparations

15 Wed. Rather mild, becoming cold: some sun in morning, dull windy later. Got the groceries including blanc-mange and jelly for Xmas. Eileen & dear little Brenda, just recovered from whooping cough called, gave them biscuits with jam on. Also bought fish, reel of cotton and solder. To Mr Akhurst to ask when is the slate-club share out: Monday. Mrs Akhurst told me of the death of Polly Akhurst last Monday age 88. Started fitting under-cart to aero. Placed a lovely holly cross on the grave of dear Mother and Father.

14 December 2017

14th December 1948: A wonderful sunset

14 Tues. Very mild for season: very dull, heavy showers and squalls. At sunset a vivid orange cloud overhead transformed and beautified the landscape in a wonderful way. Posted a cake to Ron Drake. Bought cats meat at Merton. Gwennie, Laurie and Margaret called. Aunt Liza has given Laurie her old mandoline which he brought for me to tune. Polished propeller of new aero and fitted the tail skid.

13 December 2017

13th December 1948: The aero is well on the way

13 Mon. Mild, dismal, rain all day, rather windy however. Bought fish locally in afternoon, also stamped envelopes and two newspapers: one for Mrs Drake who is in bed with a chill. Packed a cake to send to Ron Drake. Fitted free wheel pawl and retainer to propeller gear of new aero: the job is well advanced now but it must be finished for Anthony by Christmas.

12 December 2017

12th December 1948: A gloomy Sunday

12 Sun. Mild, dismal, some drizzle. Gwennie, Laurie & Donald called in morning and also in afternoon as did other children. Short walk in the gloom. Met Gwennie and came home with her.

11 December 2017

11th December 1948: A nice menu

11 Sat. Mild, very dull, rain all day. Made some nice soup in morning also a nice dinner & a sweet course. To Norman’s to buy more materials for aero. at Norman’s. Bought fish locally also posted a calendar and letter to Elsie in Canada. Did some good work to propeller and running gear of aero.

10 December 2017

10th December 1948: Get sweets, have visitors?

10 Fri. Cold, dull, windy, rain setting in at night. Got the meat – brisket in morning, also paid for the papers and got sweets, fish etc. Bought two small twist drills at Smalldon’s in afternoon. Gave Eileen & Kennie Provert sweets & a bun. Gwennie called in a somewhat larky mood. Made small part for propeller gear. Posted calendar letter from Ciss and myself and a photo. to Edie Bennett who is in South Africa.