25 March 2017

26th March 1948: photographing the grave

26 Good Friday. White morning frost. Mild, fine day; the sun shining from a cloudless sky all day but the raging E wind completely spoilt it. To Merton Churchyard to photograph the grave. Developed it at night – a good result but I over-developed the negative making it too dense.

25th March 1948: hot cross buns

25 Thur. Sharp white morning frost. Rather mild day, sunny, blue skies but a nasty E wind. Gwennie called with her doll; she made a three cornered head scarf for the doll while she was here. To butchers & fish shop in morning. The baker brought some hot cross buns. To Merton in afternoon, also bought M.Q. developer and acid-hypo at Boots in Wimbledon.

25 Ju 1908

June or July? To Ciss at her holiday board, 8 Newberry Gardens, Dorset. From the office. She'd missed their annual outing, to Herne Bay. This was from Alice Thomson. And 'X Tommie' is marked on the front.

24 March 2017

24 Mar 1948

24 Wed. White frost but becoming milder, fine sunny day. Got the groceries. Also some cotton and darning wools for Ciss. Also a camel-hair brush and eraser. To Wimbledon: bought 1 doz Kodak Panchromatic Plates 3¼ x 4¼ @ 6/10d. Made improvised green safelight. The children called.

23 March 2017

About 1908, again

'Dear Cissy, Wishing you a maney happy returnes of your Birthday/fame Ivy' (Typed as written.)

23 Mar 1948

23 Tues. Sharp white frost, very cool day but much hazy sunshine; cold again at night. Donald called in morning. Gwennie & Margaret later. Bought fish in Morden; posted letter to Rev. Chas. Staden. Gwennie started painting a birthday card for her mother.