24 March 2018

24th March 1948: Wind with constant violence

24 Thur. Rather mild, bright sunshine all day, but the E wind blew with a constant violence all day and made it feel very cold. Bought fish and chips locally: met Vera in the shop. Bought whiting in afternoon and other things locally in afternoon. Mrs. Drake brought Jenifer here: gave her a chocolate. Finished the wing frame of diesel T.

23 March 2018

23rd March 1948: Cake for Aunt Liza

23 Wed. Rather mild, dull, chilly wind. Got the groceries in the morning. Took some cake to Aunt Liza with some for Joey. Aunt Liza seemed a little better to-day. Did some weeding and hoeing in the garden. More work on new wing, the frame of which is nearly ready for covering.

22 March 2018

22nd March 1948: Aunt Liza ill

22 Tues. Rather mild, very dismal, little wind. Bought smoked haddock locally in morning. Bought whiting in Haydon’s Road in afternoon for cats. Went to see Aunt Liza who is very ill indeed. Did some shaping of new wing.

21 March 2018

21st March 1948: No bike for Victor

21 Mon. Less cold, cloudy, less wind. Bought fish both locally and in Wimbledon. Fitted plug and socket attachment to new wing. Dug up and re-planted in a better position Veilchenblau rambler. Was called to Conleys to see a second-hand bike they proposed buying for Victor – not worth buying.

20 March 2018

20th March 1948: Thick white frost

20 Sun. Thick white frost, rather cold dull day but less wind. Walked along rail path to Wimbledon and back; saw only one steam loco. Wrote letter to Uncle Tom.

19 March 2018

19th March 1948: Birthday party for Ciss

19 Sat. Very cold, the N wind is keen and fierce, but there was some bright sunshine in afternoon. To Merton and Wimbledon in search of cats meat. Waited 25 minutes in a queue but supplies gave out before I could get near the shop. Had to buy fish pieces which Tibby will not eat. Bought fire lighters, fish paste, dates, scouring powder, a paper and then a bunch of violets for Ciss as it is her birthday. Alb, Lily and Anthony came to tea and had a good time. We had jelly, blancmange and guavas in syrup sent by Connie Bradley from S. Africa: there was also a good birthday cake with icing on it.