21 January 2018

21st January 1948: Welcome visitors

21 Fri. Cold, bright, clear, sunny day but the wind is still dreadful. Got the meat etc also sweets, cakes, fish. Had crumpets for tea. Heard that the Thompson family save Chas. are all down with flu’. Rather a bad start having just gone to live in Scotland, hope they are well again soon. Bought a rose bush Betty Uprichard at Merton. Coming back into this road on my bike, saw a woman waiting outside this house: I soon saw it was Katie come to inquire after Mrs. Drake whom she has missed owing to her being on night-work. Mrs. Drake was out so I entertained Katie to a cup of tea. Ann Conley & Janet called so they came in. Ann admired Katie’s wonderful bracelet which has a host of wonderfully made charms depending from it. Alan Spooner called in evening: he works on radar research and he told me of the wonderful improvements that have been made since the war. It seems that enemy aircraft will be shot out of the sky with automatic precision.

20 January 2018

20th January 1948: Shopping

20 Thur. Cold, clear, some sun but biting wind spoilt everything. Bought something at Firths the chemists so saw Joyce, the nice girl who serves there. Bought sprats in Morden. Bought potted meat and pepper locally. Wrote letter to Harold Marshall.

19 January 2018

19th January 1948: Diesel T progress

19 Wed. Still mild and very wild; cloudy. Got the groceries as usual on Wed also darning wool, fish for ourselves and cats. Cut back the pop tree. Made a pair of engine bearers & fitted to front end of Diesel T fuselage. Also cut four bolts to length fitted to bearers and bolted down the engine – beginning to take shape.

18 January 2018

18th January 1948: A mild day

18 Tues. Still 52 degrees even at night, cloudy and still a stiff SW breeze. Took delivery of 5 cwts coal price £1-4-2. To Wimbledon to buy cats meat in afternoon. A letter from Aunt Nellie also one from Laurie in Scotland. Took Ciss’ shoes for repair. Small amount of work on front end of new fuselage. To see Aunt Liza, her septic thumb is going on well.

17 January 2018

17th January 1948: A flat for Alan

17 Mon. Very mild for season 52 degs, but very dull and the SW wind is very fierce. Went to take a message to Alan Spooner at Merton with regard to his take the flat at Clapham Park which Cousin Len is vacating. Alan would marry if he could find somewhere to live. Saw both Mr & Mrs Spooner. Bought fish in Wimbledon. Started whiting the two sides of the fuselage of Diesel T.

16 January 2018

16th January 1948: Some consolations for Fred

16 Sun. Rather mild, dull, cloudy. I miss the Thompson children but Connie Freeman, Ann Conley and Eric Norris called before going to Sunday School. Walked as far as Wimbledon Common in afternoon. The birds are beginning to sing and coming home I enjoyed the deep copper hues of the sunset.