23 September 2017

23rd September 1948: Giving fun

23 Thur. Very cool becoming rather mild; very cloudy but the sun shone pleasantly for half an hour in late afternoon. To the butchers in morning, thence to Merton to buy cats meat. Saw Dad’s and Mum’s grave which still looks nice. Did some work in the garden. With Leonard Conley and Ron Drake to fly the small spar model on the playing fields with excellent results. I later gave the model to Leonard. I have had a lot of fun out of it and would like him to have it. The three Conley children are fatherless.

22 September 2017

22nd September 1948: Beseiged!

22 Wed. Very cold, slight frost, becoming milder: some sun in afternoon: not a nice day. Got the groceries, also fish locally. Many children called many times: I am besieged by them. They peep through the letter-box to catch a sight of me which seems to delight them: anyway it makes me happy. Gwennie and little Margaret called; the latter enjoyed herself so much she did not want to go home, so I had to carry her. When we got near her house she struggled and screamed so I put her down. She refused to move so I carried her to her mother crying. She is like Gwennie – don’t want to go home.

21 September 2017

21st September 1948: The warmth has gone out of the sun

21 Tues. Rather cold: fine sunny day: the warmth has gone out of the sun; rather windy. My young friends called: they make me very happy. Little Jean who is only three brought her pram and big doll and a miscellaneous assortment of toys. Bought fish at Merton. Remade and glued up a table which had become rickety.

20 September 2017

20th September 1948: The new lodgers

20 Mon. Mild, fine sunny day, but it is no longer summer. Did much shopping locally in morning. Cut the lawn. The three children called early. Mrs. Drake and her 14 year old son came to live here this evening. Mrs. Drake is a widow and works at Kingston Hospital and is a friend of Katie. The boy was interested in my models. Aunt Nellie called in morning. She is wonderful for her 87 years. She brought me some home made rock cakes, a sausage roll and an apple tart; the latter was particularly nice – Aunt Hannah called; she looks very well, better than she has done for years.

19 September 2017

19th September 1948: A little charmer

19 Sun. Mild; dull morning, sunny afternoon: pleasant. The children called including “our three”. Gwennie called later for a pink candle Ciss gave her. Little Eileen called; she is a charming little girl: gave her a cakie – she kissed me.

18 September 2017

18th September 1948: Blackberries

18 Sat. Mild, cloudy morning; rather warm, sunny, genial afternoon: little wind. Cleaned every window and every mirror and piece of looking glass in the house. Did some local shopping in morning and afternoon. Thence to Epsom Common to pick blackberries. I collected a fine lot of really luscious fruit from comparatively few bushes and I never moved far from the spot. I enjoyed picking them as the sunshine was warm and there was no wind. If I had had Gwennie with me how happy I could have been. On reaching home, I found Alb, Lily and Anthony to tea. They had been shopping at Tooting and had called. Mrs. Drake called; she will rent the room vacated by Katie. Katie called to collect a few more of her things and the two pairs of shoes I got repaired for her. I shall miss Katie very much: she is a personality, and has plenty of courage and will power and combines that with a gaiety and sense of humour that overcomes difficulty. I did many things to help her and she was appreciative and generous to the nth degree. She is a remarkable person. The Conley’s came home to-night. I fed the cat and shut it in the house so that they come back from their holiday and found the cat indoors.