17 July 2018

17th July 1948: Some thundering

17 Sun. Rather warm, becoming cooler. Dull, slight showers in morning, heavy showers later with some thundering: there were a few periods of sunshine. Only a short walk in evening.

16 July 2018

16th July 1948: Drought is now broken

16 Sat. Rather warm becoming cooler. Heavy thunder showers and hail, with much distant thunder but only one near flash and rumble: the sun was warm between the showers. Cooked a nice dinner of roast meat to-day. Bought fish, sweets, cherries etc locally: met Arthur Swift buying a paper at the station. Wrote some more rhymes to-day. Did some general work in the garden, the things need tidying up as the rain is heavy and the drought is now broken. A letter from Laurie including some very good rhymes seeing he is only eight.

15 July 2018

15th July 1948: Precious beyond words

15 Fri. Rather warm, dull morning, fine, sunny afternoon; heavy rain shower with slight thunder in evening. Got all the usual provisions locally but bought fish in Malden. While in Malden went to see Uncle Ben who appeared to be better than I have seen him for some time. His apple and pear trees are loaded and look very healthy and free from disease. In morning the tiny girl Joyce called bringing three bellbine flowers for me; now wasn’t that lovely: I do feel greatly honoured by these little gestures which are quite spontaneous. Precious beyond words.

14 July 2018

14th July 1948: Robin Hood Gate

14 Thur. Warm, dull morning, fine sunny afternoon: a few spots of rain at night. Bought liver and heart and cats fish locally. Picked the remainder of loganberry and black currant crop. Cycled to Robin Hood Gate, along Robin Hood Way in evening.

13 July 2018

13th July: Not enough rain

13 Wed. Warm, dull and close. A few spots of rain fell during the day but not enough to cover the ground. Bought the usual cats fish and a newspaper. Had a letter from Cousin Doris at Newarthill. She tells me they had scenes and a riot at the Roman Catholic Grotto in the neighbourhood; there was a clash between Catholics and Orangemen. Wrote a reply to her. Shall now write one to Laurie and put both into one envelope. Watered the grave in evening.

12 July 2018

12th July 1948: Wrote more verses

12 Tues. Glorious warm, sunny day. Although so hot 128 deg in the sun, the wind is in the E almost the whole of the year. Bought fish for the cats as usual. Hoed over half the garden; pinched out and tied the tomatoes. Tied up the double hollyhocks which are nearly in bloom. Had a letter from Uncle Tom. Wrote some more verses to-day: I have got quite a collection of them now – some comic, some poetic.