17 June 2018

17th June 1948: No cats' meat

17 Fri. Mild, very dull morning with some feeble hazy sunshine in afternoon: cool wind. Got the usual weekend provisions, some cakes and 4 oz of sweets. Toured the district but unable to get cats meat. Watered the grave: looks well. Dug up the large pink paeony, divided and re-planted on a rich bed. Alb, Lily and Anthony came in evening, bringing some warm clothing for any who can use it.

16 June 2018

16th June 1948: Letters and garden

16 Thur. Mild, dull morning, chilly wind but becoming warmer when the sun came out in afternoon. Bought fish in Haydon’s Road. Had my usual Thur. fish and chip dinner. Wrote letters to Uncle Tom and Margaret Harwood. Had a letter from Gwennie: she has a black and white kitten. More weeding in garden, planted Campfire calendulas.

15 June 2018

15th June 1948: Friends and family

15 Wed. Very mild, becoming fine and sunny. Got the groceries and saccharine locally and fish at Merton. Gave some campions to Mrs. Cole and Mrs. Emery: had a pleasing chat with them: Mrs. Emery – an old Raynes Parkian is very homely. Cut the lawn. Bought some sweets including chocolates at Miss Hart’s. To Cousin Len to invite them to tea on Sunday. Uncle Joe brought us some cherries.

14 June 2018

14th June 1948: More gardening

14 Tues. Very mild, becoming finer. Did a lot of weeding in the garden. Planted a row of campion and African marigold. Cut the grass in front garden and planted campion and marigolds: looks tidy now.

13 June 2018

13th June 1948: Tending the plants

13 Mon. Warm, very close, very heavily overcast all day. Did a lot of weeding in the garden and planted calendula and crimson campion. Went to Merton Churchyard to water the grave: all the new plants on it are doing well.

12 June 2018

12th June 1948: Visiting the Pontifexes

12 Sun. Fine, rather warm, sunny day. Went to see the Pontifexes at Worcester Park and had a happy time. They are always pleased to see me. May and Iris are still unmarried and living at home. Mrs Browne and her daughter Olive called while I was there. Olive is a most beautiful and charming girl: she said she has just sat for her inter-B.Sc. exam.