22 April 2018

22nd April 1948: Letter from Scotland

22 Fri. Rather cool, chilly wind but some sunny periods. Got a piece of beef this week and the usual week-end provisions, all locally. Bought potting sand. Went to Aunt Hannah’s to have a look at her rose trees. Sowed pansy & African marigold seeds. Letter from Gwennie & Laurie. Wrote letter to Laurie.

21 April 2018

21st April 1948: Much wanted rain

21 Thur. Rather mild, becoming cool. Some sun in morning, but cloudy later: the much wanted rain commenced in afternoon and continued till night. Got liver at butchers. Bought fish and aspirin at Merton in afternoon, also bought pansy seeds. Sent Len Conley to Normans to buy white tissue. I omitted in yesterday’s record to say I bought and planted on the rockery two roots of aubrietia and one of pretty pink Dresden daisy. Gave Eileen a piece of cake: oh, she was happy.

20 April 2018

20th April 1948: The first rice for many years

20 Wed. Rather mild, fair amount of sunshine: less wind. Got the groceries including some rice – the first I bought for a great many years: it is back on the market again. Showed Len Conley how far I have got with my diesel model. Went to fish shop to buy cats pieces, he came too to buy the same. Sowed antirrhinum seeds: the garden is very dry and have to water quite frequently Everywhere the fruit blossom is wonderful; the pear, apple and cherry is very full. Went to see Aunt Liza who went out this morning, first time for two months: the currant bushes I bought and planted for her are doing fine.

19 April 2018

19th April 1948: Planting and watering

19 Tues. Very mild, plenty of moderate sunshine; a very stiff SW breeze. Had a fish and chips dinner. Bought whiting. Bought aubrietia and Dresden daisy: planted them. Sowed a row of “Campfire” marigold. Watered the grave. Watered the garden which is parched.

18 April 2018

18th April 1948: Easter tea party

18 Mon. Lovely, warm, sunny morning, cloudy periods later but the best Easter weather for 100 years. Alb, Lily, Anthony, Mrs. Matson and Mrs. Brown came to tea. Put the microphone in the front room and spoke and played into it to operate a loudspeaker in the dining room to amuse the visitors. Sowed strawberry seeds. Did not go out save to feed Conley’s cats, they, the Conleys, came home to-night.

17 April 2018

17th April 1948: Easter Sunday hottest for 100 years

17 Easter Sunday. Another lovely sunny day with little wind to spoil it. So far this holiday had had record good weather. The hottest for 100 years. Only four children called to-day. Am feeding Conley’s cat & kitten and playing with them on their lawn. To Church in evening.