5 February 2019

31st January 1950: A satisfactory life

31 Sat. Very cold, dull; bitter E wind. Cooked a steak pudding dinner. Len Conley called to show me his bicycle which he has just had fitted with a 3-speed gear and cyclometer. Bought fish locally and walked to Wimbledon and back along rail path. And so another year has passed. Thank God for all His Mercies. My life had been an unsatisfactory one judged by ordinary standards but I don’t do that. I am thankful and satisfied with such simple pleasures and blessings as come to me. It is nearly a year since the Thompson children went to Scotland and I have missed Gwennie very much but God has sent me other young friends for which I am thankful. Eileen and Kennie and John, Joyce, Marion, Pat, Jacqueline, Jennifer, Jeannie, Joy, Brenda and Peter. Oh and little Barbara Meads. God Bless them All.

30th January 1950: The electric gas stove

30 Fri. Severe, white, morning frost: clear, cold day. Got a piece of beef, some liver sausage, sausage roll, matches, pop-corn, paid for the papers, bought cats fish and some cakes. Eileen, Jacqueline and Jennifer were nice. To Doris to invite her to tea next week but was not able to fix a date. Joseph was a bit excited and ran amok and little Madeleine who is just a little toddler can make clucking noises with her mouth and laughs at the sound she makes. Jacqueline told me father Christmas brought her a doll’s electric gas stove. Jennifer, her sister told me she is seven and when she is eight her father will buy her a wrist watch and then she will be a young lady. Oh I do love them.

3 February 2019

29th January 1950: The confidence of children

29 Thur. Somewhat cooler, a small amount of weak sunshine; clean, sweet air. Bought fish in Morden and soup powders locally. Little Jean called across the road to me to show me her new Christmas dolly. I went and saw and admired the doll dressed in pale blue; “look” said little Jean “she sleeps.” And the doll closed its eyes “And it has pale blue knickers and all” and she showed me. What a precious thing is the confidence of little children: I am greatly honoured. Mended a very old fancy plate that belonged to Uncle Dan.

28th January 1950: Friendly children

28 Wed. Mild, dull, calm. The children of the road were all friendly and charming to-day and made me very happy. Also the girl in the bakers was very nice and I said good morning to Joyce Ellis the lovely but lame girls who works at the chemist’s. Got the groceries, vegetables, bread and the cats fish locally.

27th January 1950: Remarkably mild

27 Tues. Remarkably mild for Christmas, 55 degs, dull and calm. Ciss went to Tolworth for dinner and tea. I had a quiet day and did not go out; wrote a letter to Gwennie.

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1 February 2019

26th January 1950: Smog at night

26 Thur. Severe black frost which did not yield; very dull, then smoky fog at night. Bought sausage meat on morning and paraffin, fish and cough pastilles in afternoon. The cold weather has brought my extra activities to a standstill.