19 October 2017

19th October 1948: Wonderful!

19 Tues. White frost, cold bright day but fog at night. Eileen called of course. When I returned from shopping on my bike little 3 years old Brenda came running after me all smiles and making most exquisite sounds of delight at seeing me – wonderful! I bought things both locally and at Merton. Gwennie, Laurie and Margaret called. Gwennie beat me and Laurie at table tennis. Started to alter the tail section of the aero and gave to Len. Conley. It was a Clarke Y but now it is a semi-symmetrical form but with a slight lift. Needs covering & doping now.

18 October 2017

18th October 1948: Birthday tea

18 Mon. Rather cold, some fitful sun in morning, fearful skies later with heavy showers, hail, thunder and lightning. A visit from Eileen, John and Jean. I am 60 to-day. We gave a tea party to Gwennie, Laurie, Donald and Margaret. Gwennie gave me a birthday card she had painted containing a verse of poetry. Donald gave me a handkerchief and 34 kisses: he will make it up to 60 another day. Laurie gave me an inaccurate thermometer. Anthony sent me a plastic duck (broken) with two chocolates inside. Did shopping both locally and at Merton. Paid Slate Club in evening.

17 October 2017

17th October 1948: Birthday cake

17 Sun. Very cool, very dull, many heavy showers. Gwennie, Laurie & Donald called in morning. A number of other children called. Went for a walk round Cannon Hill Common in afternoon. Laurie, Margaret and Josette Winsley called bringing a piece of cake from Laurie’s birthday tea. Mrs Akroyd came to supper.

16 October 2017

16th October 1948: Spick and span

16 Sat. Very cool, dull, showers: heavy at night. Laurie & Donald called in morning and made a small balsa glider. Polished floor of passage & dining room. Washed tiled front path; polished brass step and knocker, cleaned all the windows inside. Got a good dinner ready. Laurie & Donald again in afternoon bringing Laurie’s toy garage and cars. Bought fish and a paper locally. Started covering with white tissue the modified tail of aero.

15 October 2017

15th October 1948: An aero mod

15 Fri. Cool, dull, some showers. Got all the usual Fri. morning shopping locally also had to go to Merton to buy turmeric for use in making mustard pickle. Lily and Anthony called bringing a bedroom jug and basin to replace one broken by Ron. Drake while he was here. Started modelling the tail section of aero changing it from Clarke Y to Eiffel 400. Washed the sludge out of the big accumulator: should hold a charge better now.

14 October 2017

14th October 1948: Carpentry

14 Thur. Very cool, cloudy: the sun forsook us to-day. Went to butchers in morning. Bought shaving stick. Cats meat at Merton. Balsa strips and balsa cement at Normans. Gwennie, Laurie, Donald and Margaret came in afternoon. Laurie brought his toy tools and some packing case wood and started to make a tool box aided by Gwennie and myself. What with the four children and the mess I had a lively time. But Donald and Margaret each brought a banana for us so it was not too bad. Slight repairs to tail of aero. I am also going to modify the tail section.