24 April 2017

24th April 1948: callers and manure

24 Sat. Mild, much sunshine, steady SW breeze but a pleasant day. Weeding in the garden. Planted carnation cuttings. Dug over and manured border for runner beans. Put up rods for same. Gwennie, Laurie and Margaret called. Laurie finished the birthday card. Aunt Liza called. Bought fish at Merton.

23 April 2017

23rd April 1948: buns, duck egg, chocolate... happy days

23 Fri. Mild, sunny afternoon; chilly E wind. To butchers, got rolled lamb for us and a tin of corned beef for Katie. Also to pay for the papers and get sweets. Got Katie’s groceries including 4 eggs and a duck’s egg. Bought buns for ourselves and a nice chocolate cake for Katie. Gwennie and little Margaret called: I was very happy. Aunt Liza gave me some carnation cuttings.

22 April 2017

22nd April 1948: gave piano lesson

22 Thur. Mild but the stiff E breeze made it seem cold, dull showery morning, sunny later. To Wimbledon, also to all the flower shops to buy a root of phlox but failed. To butchers. Started to dig the front garden and lay it out with a diamond pattern bed: very hard work, the ground is like concrete, it has been neglected since the bombing. Started to make a rockery at end of garden: plenty of large concrete blocks from the dismantled shelter. John Child brought the bag back I lent him. Connie Freeman came in for a piano lesson.

21 April 2017

21st April 1948: stewed figs

21 Wed. Becoming rather warm as the day wore on. Sunny morning, dull, showers later. Got the groceries and other things locally. Dug up, divided and planted out five ferns. Also the evergreen hedges in the front garden. Stewed some figs and made custard; gave some to Katie who liked it. Gwennie brought little Margaret who put a cross beside her name on the birthday card.

20 April 2017

20th April 1948: garden planting

20 Tues. Becoming rather warm, lovely sunny day like summer. A rather stiff breeze but it did not chill to-day. Bought and planted a doz. antirrhinums also some auriculas. Sowed marigold and poppy seeds. Dear Gwennie painted three more pansies on her card; this finishes her work, only a little more lettering remains to be done by Laurie.

19 April 2017

19th April 1948: death levy... and rotting church

19 Mon. Very mild, some soft hazy sunshine, not much wind, pleasant. Bought several packets of flower seeds and fish locally. Met dear Gladys, oh, she is nice. She told me Russell is in hospital. Sowed seeds of sweet peas, clarkia, and marigolds (two sorts.) Dear Gwennie called; Katie gave her an orange. Paid the Slate Club, there was a death levy for Mr. Adams. The timbers in the roof of the Church are seriously attacked with dry rot and parts of the roof are covered with tarpaulin.