19 February 2017

19th Feb 1948: burnt flock... too cold for gardening

19 Thur. Black frost with a sprinkling of snow; cloudy and the E wind is of hurricane force. To butchers in morning to fish shop and to get a paper in afternoon. No callers to-day. Burnt some old flock out of some pillows – this at the end of the garden: too cold to continue with the new rhubarb bed.

18 February 2017

18th Feb 1948: dreadful east wind... fine music

18 Wed. Hard black frost; the ground is hard & dry: the driving E wind is dreadful. Donald called just as I was going shopping, so he came with me: he carried the fish home, I carried the groceries. More work on the new wing. Heard Rachmaninoff’s 3rd Symphony and the Delius piano concerto; very fine.

17 February 2017

17th Feb 1948: cold gardening

17 Tues. Very cold, clear sunny afternoon, cruel E wind. Dear Connie Bradley’s birthday; she is 48. To Morden to buy fish. Bought a paper & ham & beef paste locally. Planted four more rhubarb roots. Dug another trench and am still digging up huge blocks of concrete. Fitted wooden tubes to aero wing – part of the plug & socket attachment.

16 February 2017

16th Feb 1948: undertaker's job... and more digging out shelter

16 Mon. Cold, fairly bright, bitter E wind. To Merton to tell Mr Knox the undertaker that we agree to his estimate to clean the cross and kerbs on the grave, also put on the new inscription. Bought fish and something at Boots while I was in Merton. Donald called. Planted 4 rhubarb roots which I dug up and divided. I am moving the rhubarb bed from the south side of the garden to the north where it used to be before the Anderson shelter was installed. Now that the shelter is gone I am putting it back. I had to dig up some huge chunks of concrete, part of the foundations, when I dug the trenches.

15 February 2017

15th Feb 1948: organ and piano - in tune

15 Sun. Rather mild, lovely springlike sunny morning, dull later. The usual children called. Walked as far as Wimbledon Common in afternoon. Was playing the piano in evening when Alf & Lily called. Alf played the organ and I played the piano. The first time they have been played together since I tuned the piano up to the same pitch as the organ.

14 February 2017

14th Feb 1948: engraving gravestone... diggout out bomb shelter

14 Sat. Rather mild, dull, drizzly day. Went to the Vicar of Merton to get his approval of the new inscription to be engraved on the grave at Merton. Then took it to Mr Knox at Merton High Street and he submitted a price for cleaning the cross, base and kerbs of the grave and for the new inscription. Dear Gwennie called about dinner time. Oh, she was delighted; I do love her beyond words. To Morden to buy fish. Dug trench for subsequent planting of rhubarb roots. Had to dig up a huge piece of concrete, part of the foundations of the Anderson shelter. Hard work!