25 July 2017

25th July 1948: A good flying day

25 Sun. Grand, warm sunny day. A steady breeze but it relieved what might have been a hot day. The usual children called. In afternoon cycled to Epsom Downs to see the model aeroplanes, many of which were powered with the tiny diesel engines which are now so popular, there were also some rubber driven models and gliders.

24 July 2017

24th July 1948: Remembering the bomb

24 Sat. Mild, sunny periods after rain but not summer. Bought smoked fillet for ourselves and fish pieces for the cats in morning. Bought Drene shampoo for Ciss among other things in afternoon. Gwennie and Laurie called. Cycle ride to Tolworth in evening. It is four years ago to-day since the flying bomb fell in this road and almost destroyed this house.

23 July 2017

23rd July 1948: More than I want...

23 Fri. Very mild, some nice sunny periods; pleasant but scarcely summer weather. Did all the usual Fri. morning shopping locally. Bought a cake with chocolate icing. Gave Whitbourne a new front mudguard for which I have no use. The three children called and were somewhat riotous. They break up to-day and I expect I shall have more than I want of them. Cleaned thoroughly two bedrooms including washing the floors also washed and polished the hall floor. In evening took a lot of “pops” off the acacia tree to Jeanette and Margaret McAinsh: they were delighted; had a happy evening with them.

22 July 2017

22nd July 1948: Clearing out

22 Thur. Very mild, becoming much cooler. Some sunny periods, but cloudy, showers and a rainbow in evening: less wind. Got Katie’s groceries, also to butchers. Bought cats meat at Merton in afternoon. All four children called; Donald many times: they brought some old music books as they are clearing up to make way for the decorators who are doing up the house. Short ride in evening to see the lovely sunset and rainbow.

21 July 2017

21st July 1948: The Book of Wonders

21 Wed. Very mild, some moderate sunshine but a wind that was SW and very rough indeed: it blew down a branch from the ash tree. Got the groceries in morning and a few other things. Saw the boys and girls sports at Bushy School. Gwennie called; read her a chapter from “The Book of Wonders”. Started watering the garden again, it is getting dry.

20 July 2017

20th July 1948: Errands

20 Tues. Becoming rather warm, sunny afternoon, very stiff SW breeze. Bought fish at Merton, thence took Aunt Hannah’s ration book to Winnie: then to Aunt Liza’s. The three called. Tended the tomatoes and gave a dressing of superphosphate and nitrate of potash.