20 October 2018

20th October 1949: Shopping and radiogram

20 Thur. Cool, sunny morning but heavy showers and hail later and a few peals of thunder: windy. Bought sausage meat also a wire line locally. Bought cats meat and fish at Merton. Fitted detector grid arrangements to radio-gram.

19 October 2018

19th October 1949: Taking photographs

19 Wed. Mild, dull, very heavy showers and a rainbow late in the day. Got the groceries as usual. Coning home I gave Jeannie a water biscuit. Was not indoors long when I heard her voice calling through the letter box “Can I have some butter on it?” – “Of course.” Took photos of both my aeros. together. Also took photos of Doris, Joseph and Madeleine, then a second group with Doris’ sister Joan and her girlie Gillian. Took photos of the Sunday School Buildings. More work on the radio-gram: the detector part of the circuit.

18 October 2018

18th October 1949: Birthday tea for Fred

18 Tues. Mild, dismal, heavy rain almost all day; extremely rough. I am 61 to-day. Thank God for all His mercies. Ciss made a chocolate cake and a jam sponge sandwich: we had some for tea. Bought liver sausage for tea also some fish for Tibby. Bought multi-core solder and circuit connecting wire and finished wiring the screen-grid part of the circuit of the radio-gram. Much more remains to be done: there are four valves. Wrote letter to Uncle Tom. Bought some ink for Ciss. Heard with much regret of the death of Mr. F. A. Halliday. He was choir-master at the Church for some years. He was a music lover and a great gentleman. I liked him immensely and valued his friendship. He was 67.

17 October 2018

17th Octoer 1949: Mild, dull, very windy...

17 Mon. Mild, dull, very windy. Bought fish locally and got accumulator in afternoon. More work wiring radio-gram. circuit.

16 October 2018

16th October 1949: Anthony and Edie

16 Sun. Mild, very dull and cloudy; several heavy showers. Alb, Lily and Anthony came to tea. Anthony was interested in the wireless I am building. Edie Bennett called – a pleasant surprise. She has not long returned after a long stay in S. Africa: she flew out but returned by sea.

15 October 2018

15th October 1949: The wonderful view

15 Sat. Rather warm; up to 72 degs in the shade; lovely sunshine, the sky at times being cloudless. Went to Richmond Park again to-day and took my telescope to see the wonderful view across London. The air was so clear it was possible to see St. Pauls Cathedral with the unaided eye. With the telescope it was possible to see every detail. I also recognised Westminster Cathedral, Victoria Tower and Big Ben, Natural History Museum, Empress Hall and Royal Albert Hall. It was possible to see great numbers of Churches, great blocks of buildings but I am ignorant of my London so could not identify.