27 May 2017

27th May 1948: RAF's new engine "was all too wonderful for me"

27 Thur. Rather cool, dull, less wind, but a few short periods of feeble sunshine. Got Katie’s groceries and to the butcher’s. To Morden in afternoon to buy fish while there I noticed two very large long R.A.F. vans placed end to end to form a long room in which was housed a free R.A.F. Exhibition. I went in but could not make a close inspection but had the ‘radar’ equipment demonstrated to me. I also saw a gas-turbine jet propulsion unit with parts cut away to show the mechanism – it was all too wonderful for me.

26 May 2017

26th May 1948: "hail storms of great severity which laid like snow"

26 Wed. Very cool, dull; cool, stiff breeze, very heavy showers in morning including hail storms of great severity which laid like snow also a thunder storm of some violence. Got the groceries including tinned peas and a steak and kidney pudding in a tin, also cats fish and a haddock which we had for tea. Gwennie and Donald called to borrow a jam jar. Gwennie’s teacher asked her to get some fish for the school aquarium so she took the jar and a net to the lake at Cannon Hill Common to catch some “tiddlers” or tadpoles but came back empty handed, or should I say empty jarred.

25 May 2017

25th May 1948: "a safe organic fertilizer"

25 Tues. Rather cold, dull; rain commencing in evening: we need it very much. Bought a few things locally in morning. To Wimbledon in afternoon; bought peat & hop mixture at Woolworth’s: it is a safe organic fertilizer. Played much Beethoven to-day and am getting back into practice again.

24 May 2017

24th May 1948: grave digger

24 Mon. Cold, dismal morning after rain but improving with a little sun in afternoon. Bought fish, took accumulator and a few other errands in afternoon. Thence to the grave to take off the bulbs to make way for summer plants.

23 May 2017

23rd May 1948: quiet Sunday

23 Sun. Rather cold, very dismal, drizzly rain at intervals: little wind. Did not go out. The usual children called.

22 May 2017

22nd May 1948: Our lodger, Katie, gave me a shilling...

22 Sat. Becoming rather warm: fine and sunny and the wind which is less is tending to veer SW. Did the shopping early, Gwennie came in afternoon, we played table tennis, she won three games to my two - of course. She stayed to tea. Donald came to fetch her home and he stayed and had bread and honey. Mrs Alderton came to see Katie. Katie gave me a shilling for getting her rations – bless her, I suppose she feels indebted to me. Bought 3 Woodward’s Outdoor Wonder tomato plants of the greengrocer: planted them in evening. Made a few more prints of Katie’s photo – as she asked for 4 more.