28 March 2017

28th March 1948: Easter Day - an afternoon sightseeing... in the churchyard!

28 Sun. Easter Day. Mild, fine, bright sunny day with much less wind, almost pleasant. Alb, Lily, Anthony and Kenneth came to dinner and tea. In afternoon we all went to see Dad’s and Mum’s grave which looks very fine: the daffodils are gorgeous and the narcissus are nearly out.

Lily= sister-in-law
Kenneth=their lodger

27 March 2017

Eyles the grocers, and 'lights' for the cat

Our reader 'Greyfox' discovered this blog of Fred's diaries very recently, in March 2017, and has already read through the diaries to the present date. Greyfox has offered numerous snippets of information, which we've added to individual entries. Here are two more, on names and on cats' food, often mentioned by Fred. Greyfox writes...

There are several mentions of Eyles, the grocers. I have looked on the 1939 Register & found a George Eyles (grocer & provision dealer) living with his wife Alice (Post Office clerk & domestic duties) at 421 Kingston Road. This became Wimbedon Chase Post Office but has now closed.

Cat food: lights were lungs. I can well remember the disgusting smell when they were being boiled for the family cat in the 1950s & 60s. Once boiled they were grey & solid – like a very firm rubber. Fred paid 6d a pound for them, equivalent to about £1.05 now.

27th March 1948: two hours queuing at shops

27 Sat. Very cool; a devastating E wind made an outdoor occasion most uncomfortable, but the sky was blue and cloudless all day. Did much shopping including a long wait in the butchers queue also at the greengrocers and fish shop: it took me two hours to get meat, fish, oranges and pay for newspapers and buy sweets.
Another card to Ciss from A Thompson at the office. Postmarked Stockwell, 13 Aug 1909, to the same Weymouth address as last year, c/o Mrs Amor, 8 Newberry Gardens. She apologises for not writing before, she has been so driving busy she has had her bed moved to the office. She enquires if Tommie is treating Ciss to plenty of what is on the front of the card.

25 March 2017

26th March 1948: photographing the grave

26 Good Friday. White morning frost. Mild, fine day; the sun shining from a cloudless sky all day but the raging E wind completely spoilt it. To Merton Churchyard to photograph the grave. Developed it at night – a good result but I over-developed the negative making it too dense.

25th March 1948: hot cross buns

25 Thur. Sharp white morning frost. Rather mild day, sunny, blue skies but a nasty E wind. Gwennie called with her doll; she made a three cornered head scarf for the doll while she was here. To butchers & fish shop in morning. The baker brought some hot cross buns. To Merton in afternoon, also bought M.Q. developer and acid-hypo at Boots in Wimbledon.