19 February 2018

19th February 1948: Alomost like summer

19 Sat. Another nice day; a cloudless sky and sunshine almost like summer. Bought fish in afternoon also “Abol” hop manure. Started to design a wing for Diesel T. Ciss had a letter from Doris in Scotland.

18 February 2018

18th February 1948: Weekend shopping

18 Fri. Another lovely day like yesterday but a little more wind. Got the meat, corned beef, bristling, baked beans, fish paste, some Haslett which is a form of cooked meat savoury. Paid for the papers, got three kinds of sweets, bought a round of buns and some ginger bread all locally. Got cats meat in Wimbledon and a paper locally. Oh, bought custard powder locally. Painted the new fuselage carmine red and like looks grand with its long row of transparent windows. Mrs. Drake had her sister to tea and introduced her to us.

17 February 2018

17th February 1948: A lovely day

17 Thur. 53 degrees in the shade and 85 in the sun after a white morning frost – a lovely day. Connie Bradley’s birthday. I remembered when she was 17 on the 17th Feb 1917. To Wimbledon in morning but no cats meat. Bought fish at Merton in afternoon. Nothing much to report to-day.

16 February 2018

16th February 1948: Refinements to Diesel T

16 Wed. Very mild, lovely, bright sunshine all day. There are scillas, jasmine, polyanthus and primroses in bloom in the garden. Got the groceries, also fish and paraffin locally. Saw Aunt Liza, Len’s Doris and the children. The cellophane windows I fitted to Diesel T are not satisfactory so I replaced it with transparent perpex sheet – all right. Doped the fuselage which came up as tight as a drum.

15 February 2018

15th February 1948: A commission for Alb

15 Tues. Very mild for Feb. 56 degrees, dull; but a lovely sunset.  To Wimbledon to buy fish. Paid for the coal. Ordered 8 lengths of arriss rail for Alb at Smaldon’s and paid for it. Met Arthur Swift. Made some nice fish cakes for tea. Wrote letter to Uncle Tom.

14 February 2018

14th February 1948: A search for fish

14 Mon. Rather mild, dull. Cycled to Merton, Wimbledon and at last bought some whiting at Coombe Bridge. Had 5cwt. of coal in after I had carried home 14 lbs of coalite. Gave little Jean with the red hat a lemon curd tart.