19 November 2018

19th November 1949: Shopping and 21st present

19 Sat. Cold, dismal, foggy but rain at night. Bought a savoury made up cold meat called Haslet in morning. Bought cats’ fish and torch battery – and a paper in afternoon: also took accumulator. Took a present from Ciss to Arthur Child who is 21 to-day: Ciss went to his party.

18 November 2018

18th November 1949: Presents for Laurie

18 Fri. Rather cold, dull, misty but little wind. Did all the usual shopping for the week-end; bought crumpets for tea. Met Aunt Hannah, she looks very poorly and very tired. Mrs. Nightingale who died recently and who lived in this road was buried to-day: she was 89. Along rail-path to Wimbledon bought a small model aero. for Laurie; it runs up & down a string with its propeller turning: also bought a ball pen for him; it writes in red.

17 November 2018

17th November 1949: Food, film and radio

17 Thur. Very cold, dull but no fog, very bitter wind. Bought sausages, a raspberry jelly and fish; the latter at Morden. Fitted a de-coupler to anode of screen-grid valve. Letter from Alb enclosing film.

16 November 2018

16th November 1949: More radio trials

16 Wed. White morning frost, foggy cold, but some sunshine later. Got the groceries as usual also fish locally. Gave Doris the photos I took of her and also group of Cousin Doris’ children. Tried the new circuit on the short waves; got India, America etc very well.

15 November 2018

15th November 1949: Radiogram testing

15 Tues. Morning frost, cold day, rather foggy; the sun tried midday without much success. Letter from Alb enclosing three prints of Doris’ children I asked him to do. Wrote and posted reply to Alb sending him three films I took of him, Lily and Anthony: he wants to make prints of them. Jacqueline and Jennifer – the little girls with the plaits were very friendly and pleased me. First test of new radio-gram circuit – excellent on gram but H.F. stage not quite stable when tuned to resonance; the amplification is terrific.

14 November 2018

14th November 1949: Christmas Club

14 Mon. Cold, a few gleams of sunshine, calm, rather foggy at night. Along rail path to Wimbledon. Bought fish there also two very nice calendars at Woolworths to send abroad. Wrote to Uncle Tom sending a nice coloured catalogue of flowers to show him what I have put on the grave also what I have in the garden. To Club to get Mr Pitts to sign a transfer form to enable Alb to change from this club to one at Surbiton.