26 September 2016

17th-18th July 1947: one-shilling cod cutlet

17 Thur. Rather warm, becoming cooler, dull, calm, rain setting in later. Bought fish locally – a nice cod cutlet for myself 1/-. Laid new green oilcloth on scullery floor. Mrs. Child called. Donald & Laurie called: sent them away with bunches of “pops” off the yellow acacia tree.

18 Fri. Rather warm, dull, overcast, slight showers and distant thunder. Did all the usual shopping locally. Saw Donald playing with other small boys on the opposite side of Bushey Road; they must have crossed the busy main road themselves. I escorted them safely back and told Doris who went after Donald. Gwennie, Laurie and Donald came in afternoon and played games. Gwennie is going away for three weeks. Tied the tomato plants to the stakes they are growing very tall and some of them have trusses of fruit forming.

25 September 2016

15th -16th July 1947: complex proeller modelling... and scullery washing

15 Tues. Rather warm, some sunny periods. Returning from shopping was surprised to see Donald: the hospital could not take him in as arranged. Started carving a new 14 ins propeller. Tidied up the garden in evening.

16. Very warm, fine sunny morning, but overcast with slight thundery rain at night. Got the groceries & bought fish locally in morning. Made good headway with the new 14 ins propeller. Showed Victor Conley how it was shaped to a helical formula. Washed down the painted scullery walls in evening.

24 September 2016

13th-14th July 1947: a brief encounter in Holland Garden

13 Sun. Warm, fine sunny day: grand. In afternoon walked to Holland Gardens** and to my surprise saw Dorothy Longhurst sitting on a seat watching the tennis. She seemed unmistakeably pleased to see me so sat beside her and had a talk. Afterwards we walked to the bus stop – she lives at S. Wimbledon. A pleasant time I did not expect, and she was equally pleased; wasn’t that kind of her. Short walk along Arterial Road in evening.

14 Mon. Very warm, close, overhead haze but some sunshine; thundery at night. To Wimbledon to buy fish in afternoon. Donald went into hospital to have his tonsils out. Gwennie called and cut a bunch of sweet peas. To pay slate club in evening.

**Note: here are three links to modern websites featuring Fred's Holland Gardens

23 September 2016

11th-12th July 1947: Harold, Gwennie, Donald, Mrs C, Addie and Mrs Jordan

11 Fri. Very cool becoming milder, very dull, cloudy and windy. Did the usual Fri. morning shopping locally and to Morden to buy fish in afternoon. Cousin Harold called in afternoon, also Gwennie and Donald and Mrs. Conley who helps with the cleaning. Gathered the remaining black-currant crop which Ciss promptly turned into jam. Sowed mustard and cress seed. Gave Addie Veale a lettuce.

12 Sat. Rather warm, some nice sunshine; a great improvement. Did some local shopping. Cycled to Epsom Common & watched anglers by the lake. Saw a man with a powerful model speed-boat which skimmed at great speed over the water, being connected to a stake in the water by a line and turning in circles. Mrs. Jordan came to tea. Brought home a spray of meadow-sweet: I love it.

22 September 2016

9th-10th July 1947: Gwennie's garden

9 Wed. Rather cool, fitful clouds and intermittent sunshine with thunder showers, one of which was very severe one crack of which being one of the loudest I have heard. Did a lot of shopping locally including getting the groceries etc. Gwennie called and cut a nice bunch of clarkia and sweet peas from her little garden I let her have here.

10 Thur. Very cool, becoming a little milder, very dull, rain almost all day. Did some shopping locally in morning. The three children called. Had the dining room chimney swept. Cleaned the walls and paintwork of the room, and put the pictures up again after cleaning.

21 September 2016

7th-8th July 1947: mending fences... and music

We wonder what Gwennie's
 apron looked like in 1947
7 Mon. Mild, very heavy clouds, but some short periods of sunshine. Finished repairing the fence between this garden & N0. 68: had to dig a hole and put in a new post and put in a section about 6ft long. Played Mendelsohn for a change.

8 Tues. Very cool, heavy clouds, showers, with a few fitful gleams of sunshine, very rough indeed. Bought fish & to chemists locally. Returned along little rail path: first time I have been there for a long time. Wrote Uncle Tom a letter. Gwennie brought an apron for me to see: she is making it at school.