29 April 2016

9th-10th Oct 1946: still-born, Dad on leave from Germany

9 Wed. Cold, very dull: rough E wind. Got the groceries, cooking apples, fish locally. Also to McAinsh’s to get a loaf of bread. Took the geraniums off dear Mother’s grave. I divided the big one into three, all well rooted, and planted into pots. Conley’s have got a piano and I went to see it. Post a large parcel and two post-cards.

10 Thur. Cold, very dull, raging bitter NE wind. Spent the morning trying to buy two flower pots but failed. I even went to Hamptons at Coombe Hill, but even they cannot get them. Met Mrs. Conrade who told me that Joan had had a still-born baby. I was very sorry. She said Harold was home on leave but would return to Germany in a few days. Bought a few things locally. Re-made, stained and polished an oak picture frame and mounted a beautiful cornfield landscape picture. Shall get the glass tomorrow: I did not.

28 April 2016

7th-8th Oct 1946: cycle lamp battery lights gas-lamp bedroom

7 Mon. Morning frost, rather cold day; a little hazy sunshine in afternoon: calm. Bought flex wire, a cycle-lamp battery and bulb and paraffin oil locally. To Morden cats meat shop. Bought miniature lamp holder at Merton. Ted & Beryl Spranklin Green called in evening to collect a Badminton outfit from the wardrobe cupboard we are minding for them.

8 Tues. Rather cold, dull, cloudy. Bought fish locally. Fitted a miniature electric light and switch in Ciss’ room. It is run from a cycle lamp battery with a brightly polished aluminium reflector behind the lamp, the illumination is surprisingly good. The roses in Hamptons Nursery beds at Coombe Hill are full of bloom, considering the lateness of the season.

27 April 2016

5th-6th Oct 1946: Holloways move

5 Sat. Cool, very dull, some drizzle. Ciss started work at Bridge Wharf, Vauxhall as her firm have gone back from the Priory, Wimbledon Common to their original headquarters. To Wimbledon to buy fish. Dorothy Longhurst came to tea & stayed to supper, she brought some grapes: lovely girl. Uncle Ben called in evening: Dorothy seemed interested in his conversation. Put the clocks back an hour to-night.

6 Sun. Rather cold, fine, bright sunny day: stiff N breeze. Flew the model on the Common using the new 26 ins fuselage with the elevated tail with good results in a breeze. It is a fine flier and beautiful to look at in the air. Met a pre-war modellist and his charming wife there. The model flew into two trees but tumbled out of each with only superficial damage: I was able to fly it just the same.

26 April 2016

3rd-4th Oct 1946

3 Thur. Mild, cloudy after a short thunder storm in the early hours, almost calm. Bought sausage meat and fish locally. Bought a balsa block at Normans. Covered the new fuselage with light green tissue and doped it – the best fuselage I have made and very elegant. Made a nose-block and started fitting the propeller gear. Met Nellie Sidbury.

4 Fri. Cool, very dull: calm. Did the usual Fri. morning shopping locally, also bought fish at Morden. Started to make a picture frame by cutting down an old one. Ciss had the day off so did the washing to-day. She went to see Helen Payne and Mrs Hersey in afternoon. Small amount of work on model.

25 April 2016

1st-2nd Oct 1946: coloured tissue

1 Oct. Tues. Mild, lovely sunny afternoon; slight thunder at night. To Merton to buy cats meat among other things. In afternoon to new aero-shop end of Tudor Drive: bought balsa cement & green tissue – the first coloured tissue obtainable for years. Made splendid headway on new fuselage which should be beautiful.

2 Wed Very mild, lovely sunny morning; almost calm. Got the groceries as is usual on Wednesday. Also bought reel of blue silk and some buttons, and some vinegar. To Mrs. Child to take a present and some roses for Jennifer who is seven to-day. Mrs Child’s mother was there and also the late Mr Child’s twin sister whom I had not met before. Finished the new fuselage except covering it: I like it very much.

19 April 2016

29th-30th Sept 1946: harvest festival

29 Sun. Mild, dull, windy becoming calm by evening. Harvest Festival Sunday. The Children called bringing gifts of vegetable to take to the Sunday School. Frank Freeman called to talk about aeroplanes.

30 Mon. Mild, cloudy, fairly calm. Did more work on new fuselage. In afternoon got Ciss’ shoes and my shoes from the repairers. To Wimbledon to get my grey flannel trousers from the cleaners. In evening to Harvest Festival. Mr. Craig gave a talk on his home country – Weardale.