30 July 2015

30th July 1945: cigarettes & rhubarb... watch repairs

30 Mon. Very mild to rather warm, dismal, drizzle but clearing up in afternoon and some gentle sunshine in evening: calm. Aunt Nellie called in morning; gave her a pot of jam, some rhubarb and money to buy Uncle Tom some cigarettes. She brought two watches for me to repair. Some shopping locally in morning. Gwennie called. Some work in the garden including cutting the lawn.

29 July 2015

29th July 1945: practising piano

29 Sun. Very mild to rather warm, some nice sunshine midday, otherwise cloudy. Am practising hard at the piano and am regaining some of my lost ability. Ride through Richmond Park in evening, following the westerly road round to Norbiton Gate.

28 July 2015

28th July 1945: oil, accumulators & Merton v. Mitcham cricket

28 Sat. Between very mild and rather warm, much pleasant sunshine. To local greengrocers in morning, To Wimbledon in afternoon to buy fish etc. Also to local oil-shop and got three accumulators from Whitbourn’s. To the cricket match. It was the first match of a cricket week and I had to pay 6d to enter to see Merton v Mitcham. Merton made 140 all out; Mitcham had made 57 for 4 when I left for tea. It took Mitcham an hour and a quarter to score that number of runs and an hour to score the first 34. A Middlesex man played for Mitcham but made only four in a half-hour! Laurie got knocked down by a bicycle last night and was hurt somewhat but he will be all right in a few days.

27 July 2015

27 July 1945: Mr Repair man... cuckoo clock & teapot

27 Fri. Very cool, very dull and cloudy after some thunder in the night. Got all the usual shopping in the morning also to Merton to buy fish. To Mrs. Jordan’s on Wimbledon Common in afternoon to take a blanket which belongs to her, also brought away a cuckoo clock and a pewter tea-pot for repair.

26 July 2015

26/5/1945 Labour government replaces Tory government & Churchill

Clement Attlee 
26 Thur. Very cool, very dull, showers, nasty E wind. The General Election results are declared to-day and the Churchill Government which won the war against Germany is utterly defeated and the Labour Party will form a Government. And so the people turn against those who have served them so well. It is strange that we fought against the National Socialism of Germany and rescued Europe and the German people from totalitarian domination and yet the stupid British people* voluntarily vote in a totalitarian government themselves.

Note: link to election results on Wikipedia

*I feel the same about the idiots who voted Tory in 2015. - Tony

25 July 2015


25 Wed. Rather warm, very cloudy all day; still; close. I like the absence of wind. Got the groceries in morning; quite a large consignment to-day. We start the new ration books this week. Took a plate back to 34, so Gwennie and Laurie took me round the garden and showed me the flowers. Addie came in to borrow some tacks; she is laying the carpet on the stairs as visitors are coming. To see Merton Wed. play. The visitors batted and I saw them make 92 for 5 against a Merton side whose bowlers were all fast or very fast – unusual.