2 July 2015

2nd July 1945: Dad gets mending

2 Mon. Rather cold, very dull, cold N wind, rain later, not very nice. To Morden Food Office to get emergency ration cards for Dad. Bought glue and a piece of glass locally. Dad fitted the glass in the brass clock front, it was broken by the bomb blast. Dad repaired wardrobe cabinet in his room. I bought a new brass lock for it in Wimbledon and fitted it, also a length of oak beading and oak polish. I attached the beading to the door of the cabinet and polished same, and now this article of furniture has been repaired. Gwennie and Laurie came to tea and had a lark. Two surveyors called and made a detailed report on the condition of the house.

1 July 2015

1st July 1945: a perfect orgy

1 July. Sun. Very cool, dull, heavy showers, windy. Dad, Alb, Lily and Anthony came to dinner and tea. Dad has come to stay with us for a fortnight. Dorothy Smith, and Margery McAinsh, Jeanette and the new baby called, also Gwennie, Laurie and Donald. All the children had a perfect orgy of popping the pops of the pop tree. Little Dennis next door had some, also the Norris children who had the three Conley children in their garden, all had their share of pops, and still there is plenty left on the tree.

30 June 2015

30th June 1945: gave away old Telsen 3 valve wireless & loudspeaker

30 Sat. Very cool, becoming cold, very dull, cloudy and windy; not a nice day. Ron Cooper is getting married at Wilstead to-day so I sent a telegram of good wishes and congratulation to him and his bride whom we have never met however. Bought vegetable locally. Bought fish in Wimbledon and got the accumulators, the latter locally. Gave an old Telsen 3 valve set and Celestion loud-speaker to Leonard Bensch, Mrs. Wheeler’s grandson.

29 June 2015

29th June 1945: smoked fillet of cod for dinner

29 Fri. Very cool, becoming mild; very dull and cloudy; showers later. To butchers and all the usual Fri. morning shopping. To Morden in afternoon to buy smoked fillet of cod for dinner and something for Dinky. To Joseph Hoods Ground in evening to see young men from the Church play cricket: Alan and Fred Spooner were there.

28 June 2015

28th june 1945: General election canvasser

28 Thur. Very cool, very dull and cloudy; fine rain most of the day. Bought a few things locally in morning; nothing worth mentioning happened and no callers save the baker, greengrocer and a lady canvassing votes for one of the socialist candidates in the forthcoming general election*. There is a conservative candidate, a liberal and two socialists for one seat.

*The election will be on 5th July, with some voting delayed due to 'wakes weeks' until 12th and 19th July. The result were counted and declared on 26th July; it took a tiume to transport votes from those serving overseas.

27 June 2015

27th June 1945: cricket, lightning and cleaning

27 Wed. Rather cool for season, showers and two severe flashes of lightning in afternoon; the thunder was very loud and long; a few sunny periods. Got a long list of groceries in the morning, also to butchers. To Mitcham to see some cricket in afternoon; the inning opened with two wickets for no runs, then they improved later. Gwennie and Laurie called and played with the “pop tree”. Cleaned front bedroom windows and overmantel.