25 August 2016

27th-28th April 1947: up The Downs

27 Sun. Mild, some nice sunny periods, a fresh wind to spoil it as usual. Walked up Downs, Ridgeway and down Arterberry Rd. home. The flowering trees are lovely. I saw magnolias, various prunus including a very deep carmine one. Cherry trees including the double pink, bird-cherry and the pear blossom is wonderful. John Child brought a crystal set and got good reception including a French station.

28 Mon. Rather mild, slight showers but mostly fine & sunny: very stiff chilly breeze. Bought flower seeds also fish locally. Sowed marigold seeds to replace those raked up by cats.

Map left: the likely route of Fred's walk around Wimbledon, when he admired so many flowering trees. (He doesn't say where he crossed the railway on the way back.)

24 August 2016

26th April 1947: missing ice-creams

We don't know if Fred was looking for an ice-cream cart
pushed by hand or a van - this (above) will be years later
(Photo: Chris Sampson via Wikipedia)
See a page about ice-cream vans here
26 Sat. Cool, becoming mild, fine, bright, sunny day, but with a chilly E wind. Ciss had the morning at home. I cleaned every window in the house. In afternoon to Merton cats’ meat shop. Gwennie came in a very tearful state she had been given some money to buy ices but the man with the stall had moved off. I cycled round all the roads and asked at several shops but came back minus ices. But a man came through the road with an ice-cream truck later so perhaps she had one after all. Dug over a bed in garden, manured it with hop-manure and sowed beetroot seed.

23 August 2016

25th April 1947: crumpets & poppies

25 Fri. Very cool, becoming mild, bright sunshine all day. The wind dropped late in day and conditions became quite pleasant. Did a lot of shopping in morning without going far. Bought some crumpets which we had for tea. Gwennie saw me toast them under the griller and she stayed till tea and we gave her one to her great delight. Sowed several sorts of poppy seeds in garden also double daisies and everlasting flowers,

22 August 2016

24th April 1947: All the Year Round

24 Thur. Cold, becoming milder. Bright sunshine almost all day: the awful wind blew violently making it seem very cold, but it settled late at night. To butchers, also bought fish paste and black stove enamel locally. To Merton to buy cats meat and darning wool. Dear Gwennie brought me some daisies from her lawn. Sowed “All the Year Round” lettuce also three sorts of double poppies

21 August 2016

22nd-23rd April 1947: fearful wind... out of coal

22 Tues. Rather cold, a little morning sun but dull, cloudy & showers later, the fearful wind continues: rainbow in evening. Bought fish locally. Bought a blue primula for 6d. which I planted on the rockery. Donald called in morning & I wasted a hour playing with him. Gwennie called in afternoon.

23 Wed. Cold, awful wild, windy day; rain, dismal, cloudy, not much like April: at night the force of the wind was frightening. Got the groceries locally as usual, also some fish. We are right out of coal but found a few pieces at the back of cellar and with some logs made a fire, the same being needful as it is so cold. In evening repaired the bomb damaged hearth in my bedroom. Skimmed it all over with neat cement and it looks as good as new: one more job done.

20 August 2016

20th-21st April 1947: Fred the piano teacher... and DIYer

20 Sun. Very cool, some sun early but dull & cloudy otherwise, showers, nasty cold wind. Mrs. Akroyd to tea. Little else to record save that a number of children called. Connie Freeman came back later to play the piano, so I tried to teach her the keyboard.

21 Mon. Very cool, some sun early, dull cloudy later, very rough, cold wind almost blowing a full gale. Bought a loaf and some fish locally in morning. Peter Child brought a curb from his mother. It needs repair but when done will be quite suitable for my fireplace. Paid club in evening, came back with Harold.