22 October 2014

22nd October 1944: destruction in Melbury Gardens

22 Sun. Very cool, dismal, calm. Shirley is back and called here to-day. Walk to Melbury Gardens; had not seen damage here before: twelve houses are destroyed. Mrs. Akroyd came to tea.

21 October 2014

21st October 1944: Tibbles and Rusty

21 Sat. Rather chilly, very dull, less wind. Heard a rocket fall at 1.20 a.m. I hear it fell at Norwood. Cycled to N. Cheam: bought cats meat; sold some to Mrs. Norris for her Tibbles and Rusty who I minded while she was away. From 11.12 to 11.26 p. m. one flying bomb distant in S

20 October 2014

20th October 1944: sweet ration & repair of bombed furniture

20 Fri. Rather chilly, very dull; rain all day. Got the meat and cakes and other provisions locally. Bought the weekly sweets ration. Cycled in a deluge to Merton to buy fish, thence to Morden; bought an oilstone and spade terminals at Woolworths. Also out again to grocers just before the shop shut. Nailed and glued together the front, sides and back of the hall cabinet, blown to pieces by the bomb. Warning from 5.5 to 5.30 a.m. no incident.

19 October 2014

19th October 1944: bombed loo repaired

19 Thur. Very cool, dull, cloudy. Took some knitting wool to Aunt Liza. Bought something for lunch round the corner. To Morden in afternoon to buy fish. The men repaired brickwork of lavatory* also the woodwork of roof and slated it. Warning from 8.26 to 8.40 p.m. no incident.

*The toilet was out the back, if memory serves your editor correctly.

18 October 2014

18th October 1944: "I am 56 to-day." Started repairing bombed cupboard.

18 Wed. Very cool, rain in afternoon. Got the groceries, some sausage meat and a loaf locally in morning. Started repairing the hall cupboard, knocked to bits in the bombing. Fitted new blocks to front brake of bicycle. A birthday card from little Anthony: I am 56 to-day. Warning from 11.25 to 11.45 p.m. one distant in SE.

17 October 2014

17th October 1944: Worcester Park suffered

17 Tues. Chilly, bright morning, strong wind. Heavy rain commencing midday, becoming very mild. Cycled to Cheam to buy meat. Thence to Worcester Park; saw where a flying bomb destroyed some houses in Grandison Rd. also saw where 14 houses were down in Caldbeck Av. Saw Doris & Ernie Pudney’s house with some damage. Letter, birthday card and a tie from Uncle Tom and Aunt Nellie. Warning from 10.15 to 10.23 p.m. no incident.