19 January 2017

19th Jan 1948: aero-modelling supplies

19 Mon. White frost, bitterly cold day, piercing wind: cloudy. Bought fish. To Morton where I bought a new high-tension battery, also some lengths of balsa sections and balsa sheet and cement. Peter Child called in evening.

18 January 2017

18th Jan 1948: oh so cold!

18 Sun. Very cold, some wintry sunshine, clear. The usual children called; Gwennie was lovely: she does love me. Did not go out.

Fred's Family photos XII: bearded unknown

This one photo is similar to the  5½ x 4" in XI - reproduced here in
greyscale rather than its shades of gold. Aside from the present editor briefly sharing
 a family surname with this photographer, Joseph Stokes - an unlikely connection -
there's no way to identify this gentleman.
Below: the typically elaborate reverse.

17 January 2017

17th Jan 1948:

17 Sat. Cold, dismal, deluge all day. Laurie brought a letter from Gwennie telling me they were going to a pantomime: sent a phunny letter back. Did all the shopping on my bike in the rain. Bought a 21st birthday card for Jean Child also one for her brother John. Saw her lovely presents: she was excited. Bought fish, also a broom-head and a new “Unique” fountain pen at the post office, it was made in Raynes Park. Met Shirley Bridges. Bought new torch batteries and bulb for Ciss’ torch also a tube of liquid glue.

A 'Unique' fountain pen. Fascinating information about the pens and the Raynes Park manufacturer appear on this blog by Deborah Gibson at - and her website is at Our thanks to Deborah for permitting the reproduction of this photograph.

16 January 2017

Fred's family photo: 5½" x 4"

Austin Wilson's studio, 142 Trinity St, Upper Tooting.
Pencil reference on plain reverse: 215

16th Jan 1948: Dad's pocket watch

16 Fri. Cold, dull, less wind. Got a nice piece of beef also suet and a tin of liver paste at the butchers. Got a date pudding in a tin at Johnsons. Bought cats meat at Merton; came home via Morden; saw some nice new bikes in a shop. Dad’s watch which I inherited has not gone since I took it, but I looked at it to-day and found it had run down so it must have been going in my pocket: I wound it up & it seems to be all right now. Designed a new 41 ins wing for the large model.