30 January 2015

30th Jan 1945: avalanches of snow

30 Thur. Were greeted this morning by 5 to 6 inches of snow, drifts being very much deeper. However, a thaw soon set in and the thick slush is dangerous. There were avalanches of snow sliding from roofs; dull, humid later. Started writing a letter to Fred Fraine. In morning to the butchers. In afternoon to the greengrocers. Addie Veale called in evening.

29 January 2015

Extra: Fred's weather

Here's a > link to Met Office page giving access to all 1940s' monthly weather reports. (Ignore the links in the panel at the foot - the Met Office tells me they're not bothering to keep those up to date!)

Fred reports on the weather every day, from hazy sun to violent storms. From New Zealand, blog reader Fern draws attention to the UK Met Office monthly reports (each available as a pdf), which are fascinating to compare with the more dramatic of Fred's experiences.

29th Jan 1945: custard freezes to become ice cream

29 Mon. Extremely frigid morning with thick hoar frost and fog; a slight thaw in afternoon. I put some custard on the ground in the garden overnight and this morning it was lovely ice cream. I opened the back door for a few moments to call Dinky and the tap froze, also water in the basins froze and the tea cloths stiffened. In afternoon I cycled to Morden to buy fish and continued along Ravensbury Road to Bishopsford Road, saw Watermeads: have never seen it in winter before. Distant rocket at 7.40 a.m. Loud rocket at 10.5 a.m. The rocket that fell in the Boro. last Monday fell on Mosers the iron merchants. The rocket at 4.5 p.m. on Sat fell at Ingrave St. Battersea.

28 January 2015

28th Jan 1945: polished Addie's clock

28 Sun. Not quite so severe; dull, no fall of snow to-day. Re-polished Mrs. Veale’s striking clock, previously repaired. Mrs Akroyd called to tea. Loud rocket at 2.35 a.m.

27 January 2015

27th Jan 1945: ...don't forget Addie's cat

27 Sat. Not quite so cold but 5 degs. below freezing during the day: a further fall of snow: dull. The rocket at 10.40 a.m. yesterday fell between Clapham Park and Balham. Cooked a nice roast pork dinner. Walked to Merton in afternoon to buy cats meat: took some in next door for Tibby Veale. Very loud rocket in NE at 4.5 p.m.

26 January 2015

26th Jan 1945: bitter cold, ice... yet more flying bombs

26 Fri. Very severe frost, 11 degs. below freezing at midday; dull, rather foggy. Roads and footpaths are like a skating rink. To butchers, grocers, cold meat shop, bakers and paper and sweets shop in morning. On foot to Merton in afternoon to buy fish. Loud rocket at 10.40 a.m. The rocket at 8.40 yesterday fell at Kensington. To Aunt Liza’s in afternoon.

Note: 11 degrees below freezing = 21 degrees Fahrenheit = minus 6.111 Centigrade, so yes, VERY cold.