3 March 2015

3 Mar 1945: no meat despite queue - more bombs

3 Sat. Very severe white frost, very cold clear day in spite of the sunshine; bitter E wind. Warning at 3.0 a.m. one flying bomb down in SE: all clear at 3.22 a.m. Cycled to Cheam but queue was so long and the meat had not then arrived so I bought sprats there and came back to the Morden meat shop but no meat: thence to Merton but no meat there. Cycled to Merton in afternoon to buy sprats for Addie. While there had an all clear: did not know there was a warning on. Started clearing a side path in garden. Loud rocket at 3.50 a.m. Warning from 4.5 to 4.16 p.m. one flying bomb down in E. Finished mending Addie’s key and took it in to her.

2 March 2015

2 Mar 1945: bathfuls of house debris from garden; 3 rockets

2 Fri. White morning frost, cold, bright sunny day. Did all the usual Fri. morning shopping locally. Laurie came for a little while; gave Pauline a sweet. Cleared several bathfuls of debris – broken glass, slate, cement and brick rubble etc from the house end of the garden: looks much tidier. Rockets at 4.50, 5.0 and 11.45 all a.m.

1 March 2015

1 Mar 1945: shopped & scrubbed; one rocket

1 March. Thur. Rather cold, dull morning, brighter afternoon, but stiff N. breeze. Cycled to Morden thence to Merton to buy fish. Re-laid the lino. in living room: scrubbed it, washed it again then polished it. It looks quite well after all the muck and debris it has had on it. Addie brought the washing back. Bought floor polish and a paper locally in the afternoon. Gwennie and Laurie called. Rocket at 11.15 p.m. in ENE.

28 February 2015

28th Feb 1945: fence is dog-proof

28 Wed. Rather mild, cloudy all day; calm, not unpleasant. Got the groceries; also to butchers. Thence to Wimbledon to buy haricot beans, dried peas, and a paper. Did some more work on the fence, it is now reasonably dog-proof but a lot more remains to be done. Addie called with a larger rug she is making. Made some sausage rolls.

27th Feb 1945: neighbour still doing the washing

27 Tues. Exceptionally mild for season; lovely sunny afternoon. Cycled to Cheam meat shop in morning and waited in a very long queue. Went to Robbins to fetch a roll of oil-cloth. Also bought some wood for fence palings and put some up. Gave Addie a root of pink paeony; she called in evening for the washing which she has been doing since Ciss hand has been bad.

26th Feb 1945: bought oilcloth... caught thief

26 Mon. rather cold, dull, windy morning, but some nice sunshine in afternoon. To Robbin’s furniture shop to buy 20 yds of oil-cloth; first time I have bought such a thing: shall collect it tomorrow. To local chemists; also a fruitless journey to Morden. Dug up and divided rhubarb. Little Dennis stole in while my back was turned and helped himself to a cake and ran away down the alleyway between the gardens and I had to chase him, bearing him back in my arms, triumphantly eating his stolen cake: you have to laugh! Saw an elegant twin-engined flying-boat* pass over low from N to S.

*Probably a PBY Catalina (Photo via Wikipedia)