7 May 2015

7th May 1945: Germany has surrendered

7 Mon. Very mild; lovely, warm, sunny afternoon. To Morden to buy fish. Tidied up the lawn and sowed everlasting flower seeds. Germany has surrendered to Britain, U.S.A. and Russia and tomorrow will be Victory Day. Helped Mrs. Veale with Fred Lee’s help to put up two streamers of flags across the road. And so, after more than five years and eight months Nazi Germany has been defeated and occupied by the three great powers. At one time they had almost conquered the whole of Europe and the plight of Britain seemed hopeless. But as the result of unbelievable mistakes by Germany and the sacrifices and prodigious efforts of the fighting men of the democracies and with the help of Almighty God, the forces of evil and brutality have been utterly and finally vanquished. So Hitler and his dream of world domination by the “lordly folk” as he called the German people will go down in history as the vilest men who ever lived, and from whose tyranny the world has been spared. May the Nations of the Earth now, by brotherly love and mutual help build a new and better world where man may dwell in security and happiness! Praise God from Whom all blessings flow, Praise Him all creatures here below, Praise Him above the heavenly host, Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.

6 May 2015

6th May 1945: pictures... piano... stroll... Victory?

6 Sun. Becoming rather mild, cloudy, but a promise of fine weather soon. Put up the very few pictures left undamaged and framed a nice landscape to make a new picture. Gwennie, Laurie and Connie Freeman called. Had a good play at the piano today. Short walk along the Bushey Rd in evening. Victory day may be before next Thursday.

5 May 2015

5th May 1945: Holland and Denmark are now free.

5 Sat. Still rather cold, dismal, rain all day. To local greengrocers in morning. Bought fish at Merton, also to grocers in afternoon and collected two coats for Ciss from Eastman’s the dry-cleaners. Made a second attempt to tune the piano; much more playable now. Oh. I met Alf’s Lily and went home with her as Alf has Saturday mornings off, so we had a chat together. Holland and Denmark are now free.

4 May 2015

4th May 1945: BBC in Hamburg

4 Fri. rather cold, less wind, a little fairer with some hazy sunshine. Got the week-end joint, some cakes etc; paid newsagent and bought some sweets. Gwennie and Laurie called; amused them with paper boats and bellows. Further clearing of sitting room; begins to look more like its old self apart from the broken furniture. The Germans in the N and NW of Europe surrendered to-day. There are still many isolated places and Norway yet to be occupied, but the end may be within a few days. The B.B.C. are** now using the Hamburg radio station.

**Note from Ed: sorry about the terrible grammar. Fred 'are' usually so accurate! Interesting, too, that he has full stops in BBC - Tony

3 May 2015

3rd May 1945: domestic & European

3 Thur. No frost but a cold, dismal day: as the wind dropped the rain commenced at 3.0 p.m. and continued throughout the day. Bought fish and buns in Morden. Laurie called; gave him a bun. Dear Addie came in, she had neuralgia very bad and asked if we had a Daisy Powder; unfortunately we did not; poor girl. Berlin is now fully occupied by the Russians. Hitler and Goebbels are now said to have committed suicide. British troops occupy Hamburg and link up with the Russians on the Baltic. 

2 May 2015

2nd May 1945: 'The war may end any moment.'

2 Wed. White morning frost, rather cold, cloudy day, becoming finer; wind lessening and veering to westward. Got the groceries as usual, also bought cod fillets in Martin Way and a few things in Morden. Repaired controlling device in R&A speaker. The whole of the German forces in N Italy and W Hungary surrendered to-day. Over 900,000 men were taken prisoner: the whole of Italy is free. British troops have driven right across the base of the Schleswig Peninsula and reached the Baltic: Hamburg and Kiel are cut off. The German radio announces that Hitler was killed in Berlin saying he fought to the death: other reports say he died of a stroke some while ago: reports so far do not ring true: Admiral Doenitz replaces him. The war may end any moment now. When the all clear sounded at 7.58 a.m. on Wed 28th March last, I said to Ciss, “that is the last time you will hear the syrens”. I spoke prophetically. We have not had a warning since, and, today it is announced that the warning syrens have been discontinued.