1 August 2014

2nd August 1944: the cat came back

2 Wed. Mild; some nice sun in afternoon. Warning from 4.0 to 6.0 a.m. Three bombs distant in S. From 6.25 to 6.55 a.m. two near in the S, one went through to NE out of hearing, also one in SE. From 8.15 to 8.42 a.m. one in E, one in S. Got the groceries, also some articles from the Chemists. Warning from 12.15 to 1.13 p.m. seven at varying distances in SE, one through to N. From 2.15 to 2.35 p.m. one in NE, four in SE. Still clearing the debris from the garden; there is so much it takes a lot of labour to make a little improvement. At last after a week and two days, dear Dinky returned home safe but very frightened. The home is so different it will take a long time for him to settle down again: I had given him up for lost. Warning at 11.30 p.m.

Note: Fred’s writing is twice as black when writing the sentences about Dinky the cat.

31 July 2014

1st August 1944: after we were bombed...

1 Aug. Tues. Very mild, a little weak sunshine. From 7.0 a.m. three in the S and one about Garth Rd. Lower Morden. All clear 7.30 a.m. Went in ’bus with Ciss to the Council Office, Morden and got some compensation for lost property. Warning from 11.0 to 11.30 a.m. heard seven in the SE. Bought a galvanised bath with money granted us for loss of bath. Did some shopping.

From 2.15 to 2.35 p.m. one bomb in NE, 4 in SE. From 3.30 to 4.10 p.m. Four in E, one in SE. Went with Ciss to view our damaged furniture at the Merton Palais de Dance but it was so packed up it was impossible to get to it. The workmen have roughly repaired our front door and replaced it and filled sitting room window with black card and white linen.

30 July 2014

31 July 1944: bombed cats and collars

Cannizaro House and Park
31 Mon. Very mild, cloudy. Bought a few things at grocers also fitted a new handle to the vacuum washer. Put the lavatory door on temporarily. Warning from 3.0 to 3.35 p.m. One bomb, which I saw, fell in grounds of “Cannizaro”, Wimbledon Common very near to office where Ciss works. Went up there and found her office undamaged. Bought collars in Wimbledon. From 6.15 to 6.30 p.m. one bomb to NW. Mrs Conrade brought letter from Harold. Cleared the fallen fences from the garden. Workmen started repairs to front door. Found and returned Mrs Conley’s cat; wish I could find Dinky. From 11.30 p.m. 1 bomb in SE, all clear 6.30 a.m. on 1 Aug Tues.

29 July 2014

30th July 1944: 'Since the raid my diary has had to suffer...'

30 Sun. Very mild mostly cloudy. Finished cementing shelter and fitted new door. During night alert a bomb fell on the *Rutlish School, also one very near in E, one near in S, one S, one SE, one N, one come from SE and made a great circular flight going N, NW, W, S and finally exploded in SE, one distant in S, also another the same; all clear at 7.40 a.m.

Went to Len Garrod’s to tea. While there an alert sent us to his shelter. Sibyl Middleton also sheltered there; she is a lovely girl, just recovered from a serious illness. Short cycle ride in evening, saw the Rutlish damage. Since the raid my diary has had to suffer, but I must try to get it going again. Warning at 11.45 p.m. Four heavy explosions in SE, two distant in SE. All clear 6.0 am on 31 Mon.

*Note: Rutlish School is a comprehensive school for boys. It is on Watery Lane, Merton Park, southwest London. It was formerly a grammar school.

28 July 2014

29th July 1944: made new door for shelter

29 Sat. Did some shopping morning and afternoon. More cementing to shelter. Made a new door for the shelter. The night alert started at 5.55 a.m. but no record was kept. From 9.45 to 10.5 a.m. no incident. From 1.25 to 2.0 p.m. one near in W, two near in NW. From 9.40 p.m. to 10.0 p.m. one SW very near. Ron Cooper called in morning on his way from Farnborough to Dover and was surprised to see what had happened here: showed him the remains of the bomb which lay near the crater. Alf and Lily called they have just returned from Skegness.

28th July 1944: Fred continues diary despite bombing...

28 Fri. Started cementing the gaping seams of the shelter. Many bombs have fallen locally and great damage has been done but I have not been able to keep a record.