2 September 2015

2nd Sept 1945: not a good day

2 Sun. Very cool, becoming chilly, very dull and cloudy after rain during the night; very rough. Gwennie and Laurie called. Short walk only in evening; very unpleasant out. Ciss went to see Mrs. Matson at Wandsworth.

1 September 2015

1st Sept 1945: Victory street parties

1st Sept 1945. A Victory street party. In this case in Selborne Road, Margate. Photo from Brian Attree. 
1 Sept. Sat. Very cool, very dull, no sun; showers. Bought bread and other things locally in morning. Mr. Lane came and the organ is now nearly perfect. I played it and it is a treat to have organ music again after being so long without. Bought fish in Wimbledon in afternoon. Returned along rail path. Varnished the 54 laminations of the R. and A. transformer. To see the Victory street parties in both Sydney Rd. and Bronson Rd. Saw cyclist in Worple Road riding an old-fashioned “ordinary” bicycle: he seemed quite at his ease and regardless of the amused glances of onlookers.

30 August 2015

31st Aug 1945: jet-propelled monoplane...

31 Fri. Very mild, dismal morning but a little hazy sunshine in afternoon. Did all the usual Fri. morning shopping and did not leave the immediate locality. Gwennie and Laurie called with some fish for Dinky. Saw a twin-jet propelled monoplane pass over from E to W at very great speed.

30th Aug 1945: house plastered... work on organ continues

30 Thur. Very mild, dismal all day without a single ray of sunshine. Letter from Rev. Chas. Staden; he is moving to a church in Dalton-in-Furness. To bakers and to buy fish in morning. Met Arthur Swift in Martin Way; he has left Surbiton and taken a house at 5. Park Way, Cannon Hill Common. The workmen plastered the ceiling in front upstairs bedroom. Mr. Lane did more work to the organ. Cousin Maud called. Gwennie and Laurie brought some meat for Dinky.

Dalton Methodist & United Reformed Church in recent times.

29 August 2015

29th Aug 1945: repairs, repairs, repairs... post bombing

29 Wed. Between very mild and rather warm; dismal morning, a little lighter in afternoon. Got the groceries in morning. Started repairing the damaged output transformer of the R. and A. loudspeaker. The foreman called and told me the plasterers would start inside tomorrow afternoon so I cleared the front upstairs room. Letter from Uncle Tom. Aunt Liza called.

28 August 2015

28th Aug 1945: D-I-Y electronics

28 Tues. Rather warm; much hazy sunshine; pleasant. Spent most of the day repairing the R. and A. loudspeaker damaged in the bombing. Fitted it in the radio-gram and it is going very well indeed. Gwennie Laurie and little Donald this time brought a plate of veal pieces for Dinky. Just a small amount of local shopping. Alan Spooner called in evening; he told me he has got a job at Vortexion’s** wireless laboratory Wimbledon.